Is this the best Notion Template for writers? Content Creation Hub by Atul

For this review, I am taking a look into the Content Creation Hub by Atul.

Notion is a wonderful app for content creators and writers:

Not only provides it a good space for writing, but Notion is also a powerful task manager, which will help you get your content projects done.

Of course, you can find many Notion templates on the internet that are specifically designed for improving the way you are creating content. It is said that the Content Creation Hub is the best of all of them.

This is also reflected in the price which stands currently at $70.

Expensive Notion templates are of course under pressure to actually deliver. This seems to be the case with the Content Creation Hub: 96% of all customers rated the template with 5 stars. Impressive!

But would I rate it the same way? Continue reading to see my verdict!

First Impression:

Warning: The Content Creation Hub is not a simple and straightforward template.

It is a pretty complex system. therefore, when first entering the template you will need some time to orient yourself.

Here is a quick guide:

Create new content projects

When creating a new project, you can assign the following status:

  • Idea,
  • In Process,
  • Done,
  • Published

You can also state an end date. This way you will always see how many days you have left for any project.

Through a relation property, you can also link each project with a category (Writing, Content Creation, Journaling) and with a content platform like e.g. Youtube, Twitter, or TikTok. If the content platform of your choice is not among the rebuild platforms, Notion allows you to simply create it in the Creator Tabs Database.

Let’s assume that I am creating a new blog post project. After creating it in the project database, I would click on the project’s page in the database. Now I have the choice among various page templates:

  • Youtube Template
  • Twitter thread/tweet Template
  • Ship30for30 Template
  • Blog Posts Template
  • Product Launch Template
  • Newsletter Creation Template

For my new blog post, I would obviously load the blog post template. If I click on it, a workspace is created that includes among others a:

  • Pomodoro timer
  • note board
  • metadata list
  • brainstorming list
  • checklist
  • and a link to more resources

This section is actually the heart of the Content Creation Hub as it offers workspaces that are tailored to the exact content I create.

How easy is it to navigate the Content Creation Hub?

As mentioned above, it takes some time to orient oneself inside this template. However, as soon as you worked with it for some time, everything is pretty straightforward. Experienced Notion users will love this template. But of course, it could be a bit overwhelming for newbies.

For whom is it a good Notion template?

The template is the perfect content creation system for individuals who needs to output a lot of content or for content marketing agencies.

It doesn’t matter if you are creating content on different platforms at the same time, or focusing your energy exclusively on a single platform like Youtube. The Content Creation Hub will help you create more and better content in both cases.

What would I improve?

I would love to add a team area to this template. For example, when creating a blog post, there are a couple of steps to follow during the content process, each of them relevant for a different team member.

For example, let’s say that I am a proofreader: Each content piece that is due for proofreading should show up on my personal dashboard, but it shouldn’t be cluttered with content that is not yet relevant to me.

This functionality is easy to add to the Content Creation Hub and I would recommend adding it in one of the next updates. This would make this template even more powerful for agencies.


The Content Creation Hub is so far the most complex and inclusive content creation template for Notion that I have seen. Usability is great for advanced users but could be a bit challenging for Notion newbies. The aesthetics are solid as well. The template has a modern and clean look but still feels unique.

Usability 4.8/5

Creativity 5/5

Aesthetics 4.4/5

Overall Rating for the Template 4.73/5

You see, I am pretty much rating it as high as the other users ­čÖé

Interested in buying this template?

Get the Content Creation Huby by Atul on Gumroad.