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Content is the backbone of the internet. Images, videos or texts, every piece of information on the web is content. So, if you want to be visible online with your products & services, content marketing should have your highest priority!

My content marketing agency specializes in creating authentic text content for startups and young companies. Contact me now for a free introductory call, or read on to find out more about me and my mission:

The Art of Content by Philipp Stelzel | Content Marketing Agency from Vienna



The creation of content on the Internet...

…can feel like an overwhelming task: millions and millions of blog posts on all sorts of topics are published every second. So how can your message be heard amidst all this noise?

By making use of the magic of the internet! As is well known, the global network is a gigantic matchmaker that matches people with similar interests and goals 24/7.

This works for you too!

But only if you have the courage to raise your voice to get your message out loud.

This is where my content marketing agency comes in!

  1. We coach you to learn how to do authentic content marketing yourself.
  2. Or manage all areas of content marketing – from strategic planning to content creation – for you.

Content Marketing is connecting people

When they hear the word content marketing, many people only think of search engine-optimized texts that are intended to rank high on Google in order to win customers.

But content marketing is much more! I even believe that everyone should write on the Internet from an early age: Because the content you create is your public curriculum vitae.

With content marketing, you create a networking machine that runs 24/7 in the background and connects you with potential customers, employers, investors or friends.

What am I offering?

My job as a content marketing expert is not to publish the next boring corporate blog for your business that neither customers nor other stakeholders will read.

Rather, I see my mission as making your unique beliefs, values, and achievements visible to the world so that you can easily attract the right people into your life in the future.

Me and my team will help you:

  • creating the right content that will best connect you with your audience.

I show you:

  • How to create authentic content that will set you apart from all those boring corporate blogs

I explain to you

  • How to automate and systematize content creation using tools like Zapier or Notion so that your message spreads to every corner of the internet without wasting time. So that you can focus more on creating authentic content.

Social Media Content

The internet rewards people who consistently post content on the web. Social media networks like Tiktok, Twitter or Instagram are perfect for this because they allow you to constantly test new ideas.

Social media is the most direct channel to your target audience, but it only works if you’re on the same network as your target audience.

In the first step, we find out which social network is best suited to addressing your customers and your target group.

It is often better to focus on platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing or Pinterest. These are not yet on the radar of all competitors.

That way, you don’t have to fight for that ever-dwindling attention on Facebook or Instagram (where advertising costs are also skyrocketing).

SEO Content Writing

Content creation for search engines is ideal for evergreen content – i.e. for all content that should remain up to date for several years.

In general, search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. It often takes several months for the first results to appear. It is therefore important that you do not blindly publish any content, but rather research specifically which content is actually in demand by your target audience.

My agency work includes researching the topics, improving existing content and creating new evergreen articles for your website.

Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing is considered obsolete, but it’s still the content marketing strategy with the highest ROI.

That’s also because you have a lot more control. Social media platforms are increasingly restricting your reach, so that your posts are often hardly seen. However, e-mails are almost always read and are perfect for creating a deep customer relationship.

Keep in mind, however, that your newsletter should by no means be one of those bland corporate emails that you surely delete regularly in your inbox. To be successful with email marketing, you have to offer your readers real value so that you can build an authentic relationship with them.

In order for this to succeed, simply arrange an initial call with me!

Content Coaching

I will show you in personal coaching sessions:

  • What makes good online content
  • How to test content ideas without effort
  • How to overcome writer’s block
  • How to systematize your content planning
  • How to optimize your texts for search engines.

Call me!

And discuss your vision with me

The Art of Content by Philipp Stelzel | Content-Marketing Agency from Vienna



Brasilianische Botschaft Wien
Brasilianische Botschaft Wien
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Positiv: Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, Professionalität, Qualität, Reaktionsschnelligkeit bei Anfragen. Die brasilianische Botschaft in Wien ist sehr zufrieden mit unserer neuen Website für brasilianische Forscher in Österreich und den Nachbarländern. Sowohl während des Erstellungsprozesses als auch danach war Herr Stelzel sehr freundlich, schnell und effizient.
Andrea Sojka
Andrea Sojka
Read More
Ich arbeite seit ein paar Monaten mit Philipp zusammen und finde seine sehr wertschätzende, kompetente Zusammenarbeit inspirierend. Er geht auf alle Wünsche ein und setzt sie dann mit dem nötigen Know-how perfekt um. Er hat auch ein gutes Netzwerk für alle andere Bereiche wie Texte für Website etc. Es hat mein Business nochmal um einen großen Schritt nach vorne gebracht. Ich kann ihn nur wärmstens empfehlen!

Karyna Tymoshenko
Karyna Tymoshenko
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Die Zusammenarbeit mit Philipp war erfolgsorientiert und besonders gut strukturiert! Die ersten positiven Ergebnisse waren sehr bald zu sehen!
100% empfehlenswert!
Mag. Zaid Rauf
Mag. Zaid Rauf
Rechtsanwalt und Strafverteidiger
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Ich würde Herrn Stelzel als "Gamechanger" bezeichnen. Er ist nicht nur sehr stark auf die individuellen Wünsche eingegangen, sondern hat innerhalb kurzer Zeit - was mir sehr wichtig war und was mir sehr gefallen hat - ERGEBNISSE geliefert. Ich kann ihn wirklich jedem empfehlen!
Dr. Verena Thiem
Dr. Verena Thiem
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Kompetente Beratung im Bereich SEO, die für mein Unternehmen mit den richtigen Kniffen große Veränderungen bewirkt hat. Vielen Dank für die rasche Umsetzung und die laufende Betreuung!

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The Art of Content by Philipp Stelzel | Content Marketing Agency from Vienna



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