How To Create A New Template In Notion (With just a few clicks)

How to create templates in Notion

Before I am able to answer this question, I want to make sure that we are talking about the same thing. In fact, there are 3 different kinds of templates that exist in Notion:

  1.  Notion Page Templates
  2. The Template Button
  3. Database Templates

Let’s look at each of them. Of course, you can navigate to the section of this post that is most relevant to you.

1.) What is a Notion Page Template?

When talking about Notion templates, most people would mean a Notion Page Template.

This is any page in Notion, that is shared publicly by its owner so that it can be duplicated. This way, you can share your workflows with others, or even make money by selling Notion Templates to the community.

How to create a new template page in Notion?

Click on the share button in the right upper corner. Toggle “Share to Web” on and allow the page to be duplicated as a template.

But how to share a Notion template page?

Let’s say your friend Alexa sees how our productivity is increasing because of your clever Notion setup. She asks you if she can copy this workflow. Because you are a friend, you agree to share your Notion page with her.

For sharing the page, you simply copy the link and forward it to her. Alexa can now access the page and with one click duplicate the page into her Notion workspace.

2.) What is a Template Button in Notion?

The template button is one of the most powerful features in Notion.


It allows you to replicate content on any page, simply by pressing a button.

For example, if you want to create a daily checklist for recurring tasks. Just create the checklist once, drag it into the template button and replicate it every time you need it.

PS: Since the update on 8th of November 2022, Notion now supports recurring tasks. Check out my how-to-post here.

How to create a new template button in Notion?

Type the command /template button and press Enter

Now a template button will appear on your page and give you the opportunity to configure its options. In the field, Button Name write down the public name of this button, in the field Template simply drop blocks you want to use for the template button.

Bonus Questions: How to build a Notion Template Button that adds a block above?

This works when the template button is the last block on a Notion page. Unfortunately, to this day, you can’t configure the button to automatically add the new block to either the bottom or the top.

3. What is a database template in Notion?

According to Notion “Database templates help standardize information and processes for your team.” They are “pages unique to your database that you can use over and over again.”

They help you quickly create standardized Notion pages or workspaces for yourself, your team, or your company.

For example, I recently created a Project Management Workspace for a small company. One requirement was to set up different workspaces for each role in the company. This would be cumbersome work if you would need to set up a new workspace each time a new person is entering the team.

But with the database template, the company is now able to create the new team member page and in an instance create the right workspace for this person (according to her or his role in the company)

How to create a new database template in Notion?

Create a new page in a Notion database. On the blank page, you will get asked the following: “Press enter to continue with an empty page, or create a template.”

Create a template to get forwarded to the template page. Here, create the workspace you need to duplicate later.

Create a self-referential filter in Notion:

If you create a database and create a linked database inside, you can filter by the name of the template. This way you create a self-referential filter!

For example, Let’s assume that we have a task database and a project database. Every task gets linked with a project.

When creating a new project page, you can now create a linked database (Tasks) inside those page. Due to the self-referential filter, just related tasks will be displayed.

Editing a database template in Notion:

If you need to edit the template later, simply go back to any blank page in the very Notion database. Hover over the template name. 3 dots will appear. Click on them to edit the template.

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