Create Killer E-Mail Campaigns with Notion – Email Architect by Pascio

Is this the best Notion Template for email marketing?

The money is in the list…

Forget SEO or Social-Media-Marketing! Even in 2022, email marketing is the one strategy that will grow your sales the most!

And you have plenty of newsletter tools to choose from:

Mailchimp, Active-Campaign, Substack, or Sendinblue, among many others, provide a great technical infrastructure for sending out emails to your audience.

What they don’t provide is a good system for collecting ideas and writing creative content.

This is where Notion comes into play: It is the perfect app for collecting all your thoughts, email ideas, templates, or frameworks.

But Notion becomes even more powerful when you use it to build a powerful email marketing management system.

However, that requires a lot of time and knowledge.

So, why not simply copy the best email marketing system created for Notion?

I am talking about the Email Architect Pro Template:

This template is an unparalleled email writing system designed with efficiency to save you hours of time by making your email marketing easier, faster and better.

Watch the following video to see how this template works in practice:

Is the Email Architect Pro the best email marketing template for Notion?

Created by Notion creator Pascio, it provides a workspace for writing creative email campaigns that will outperform everything you have sent to your list before!

Pascio knows what he is doing:

In a matter of months, he went from being a guy with neither followers nor connections to one of Notion’s most successful influencers. His email list is currently followed by 2,000 people and growing every day!

And inside the Email Architect Pro Template he is sharing all of the email marketing knowledge he acquired within the last year:

The template comes with 200+ curated components like subject lines, headlines, and CTA’s, as well as pre-built sequences and even categorized power words!

But it does much more than just supply you with writing prompts and inspirations…

Email Architect Pro will be the one place for all your email marketing!

  • The template provides you with a visual overview of what’s next in your email marketing strategy.
  • Plus, it allows you to easily build emails via drag & drop templates
  • Moreover, by importing your analytics for each email you’ve sent, you’ll be able to monitor the results on the emails

This way you will…

  • have mental clarity from having one place to write, organize and plan your emails…
  • are writing great emails with links that people click on, in an environment that sparks your creativity…
  • are on top of your email game with conversions going through the roof for every email that you send out…

I have seen tons of Notion templates in the last 2 years. Email Architect Pro was one of the few that exceeded my expectations. See my video review here:

But of course, I am not the only one awed by this template:

Feedback - Email Architect Pro - Notion Template for Newsletters
Feedback by Syed Huq - Email Architect Pro - Notion Template for Newsletters


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