Hey, I am Philipp

I am living in Vienna, Austria, trying to live a creative life.

The last years I mainly worked as an online marketing consultant for Small Businesses in Austria and German.

In 2020 I stumbled across the Notion app after watching a video by Ali Abdaal. That should change my life: Today I am a Notion Evangelist, creating templates for the community and helping people set up their personal system in Notion.

In addition to Notion, I am also interested in a variety of topics like:

  • Learning Strategies
  • Productivity Advice
  • Living a meaningful life
  • Stoicism and Existencialism
  • Bitcoin and Austrian Economics
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PS: I am open to cooperations and new challenges, but please accept that I will say no to 95% of all incoming requests.


Here is a list of some of my best essays I have published in english: