5 best Freelancer Templates for Notion that will make your work easier [2022]

In the following post, I will show you a curated list of 5 freelancer templates for Notion, that will make your daily work as a self-employed easier.

Notion is the perfect tool for independent workers because it allows you to build complex systems that enable you to manage your team and clients.

And the best? Other than Asana or Trello, with Notion, you have the freedom to build anything you want. Like children who play with Lego, you have full flexibility so that you can build exactly the systems you need for your specific work case.

This is the great thing about Notion but also one of the reasons why some people are hesitant to start with Notion: You have to build your own system and that can take some time. Time a lot of entrepreneurs or freelancers simply cannot afford.

Fortunately, the Notion community already offers you a huge collection of ready-made templates for all possible use cases: And since Notion is a popular freelancer tool, you will also find a huge selection of templates for the self-employed.

1) Freelancer Compass

The Freelancer Compass is the system I am using for my personal work: I started building it when I first jumped into Notion after watching an Ali Abdaal video on YouTube. Since this time, it has grown from a mere to-do list to a manageable project management dashboard.

The template includes among others:

  • GTD Dashboard,
  • Daily To-Do-List,
  • Eisenhower Matrix,
  • Kanban Priority Board,
  • Time Tracking,
  • Progress Bar,
  • Daily Tasks Overview,
  • Priority Calculation,
  • Revenue Stats

Check out the template on Gumroad or in my Shop:

Freelancer Compass (Gumroad)

Freelancer Compass (Shop)

2) Invoice Template (Free)

You can use Notion for many things and this template by NotionDad proofs that you can also replace your favorite invoice app with Notion. This free Notion template contains everything you’d expect in an invoice and is a great addition for every freelancer workspace:

Notion Invoice Template on Gumroad

3) Freelancer Client Onboarding Portal 

This template is one of the highest-ranked Notion templates for freelancers on the Gumroad marketplace.

Onboarding new clients can be a hassle. Similarly, it is often costing a lot of time to share updates and progress with your existing clients. The Notionbar aka Frances Odera Matthews attempts to solve both issues with her Freelancer Client Onboarding Portal.

With her work, she promises a more professional client experience and increased transparency with the progress of your client’s projects.

Check out the template on Gumroad:

Freelancer Client Onboarding Portal on Gumroad

4) Remote OS 

I really love the remote Operating system by Daniel Canosa. It is the most expensive Notion template on this list, but the price is justified:

The main goal of it is to help remote companies (but also classical companies, freelancers, and solopreneurs) to organize themselves and their teams by simplifying complexity, or in Daniels words:

Through consulting dozens of remote companies, I have found that the leanest systems are the ones that always adapt better to the company.

This template trims out the fat to just present the core systems that move every remote company.”

The template includes:

  • Project Template
  • Personal Dashboard Template
  • Meeting Notes Template
  • Companies Template

All this together will enable you to get a quicker overview of the project’s OKRs, easily assign tasks to your employers, track your finances, and many more.

Check out the template on Gumroad:

Remote OS for Notion

5. Business Plan Workspace

Business Plans can be a key factor in getting investments for a business venture or startup. This template by Notionologia allows you to create your business plan inside of Notion:

This way, your business plan is going to be:

  • Easily sharable with team members & stakeholders

Notionologia also proposes the following benefits:

  • Team Members and stakeholders can interact and review different stages of the plan
  • Each step of the process is documented and organized in one place
  • Automations between Notion & other apps such as Zapier or Automate can save a lot of time on the Market Research Stage
  • Ability to track the progress of each stage from one place
  • Ability to assign coordinators and team members to specific stages
  • The presentation can be made in Notion, saving time by accessing information fast and avoiding the use of another software such as PowerPoint.
  • It is easier to move from planning to execution using Notion

Check out the template on Gumroad:

Business Plan Workspace for Notion

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