6 Notion Budget Tracker Templates for Managing Your Finances [2023]

In this post, I am showing you 6 awesome Notion budget tracker templates. 

Learning how to manage your finances and stay on top of your budget is important for everyone, not just in times of rising prices and a financial crisis on our doorstep.

However, most don’t even know how much they have spent in the last month or even last week.

But being mindful of your spending pays off because this habit alone will make it easier for you to stay on budget or even have more every month.

I am aware that tracking your income and expenses can be challenging. However, if you’re already using Notion, you already have the perfect tool for managing your cash inflows and outflows. You also don’t need to start building your budget tracker from scratch. There are plenty of premade templates out there and in the following post, I will show you five Notion templates that will help you stay on top of your finances.

Why do you need a budget tracker template (in Notion)?

But first, let’s see why you need to manage your finances. Whether you earn or not, staying on top of your finances is necessary so that you know how much you can afford to spend on everyday things.

  • You have better control over spending habits

Sometimes you spend too much on something without realizing it, and the next thing you know, you don’t have enough money left for anything else. Now, you have to compromise or worse—wait until next month to buy the things you need. By tracking your personal expenses and budgeting, you can avoid these issues. What’s even more important is that you can cut out unnecessary expenses, optimize your spending habits and buy things that really matter.

  • You become less money-conscious

It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. Money is a source of anxiety for many as it fuels our daily lives. When there’s an unpredictability factor associated with it, it leads to many problems. By tracking your expenses, you know what you can spend on and, more importantly, what you can’t.

  • You become confident about your financial goals

Most teens or those in their 20s don’t track their expenses. But if you start building good habits now, you’ll make better and more realistic financial goals—and eventually reach them.

As financial experts note, the more you save, the more financial growth you’ll see in the future. If you begin investing in your 20s, you’re bound to reach your financial goals a lot earlier than those who don’t. But to be able to invest, you need to begin saving and that can only happen by keeping a tab on your spending habits.

  • Using a template sets you up for financial success

Keeping track of your expenses seems more complicated than it is. There are already many budgeting templates for Notion on the market. You just have to find the one that best suits your preferences.

6 ready-to-use Notion budget tracker templates

Now that you know why it’s crucial to track your expenses and create a personal budget, here are 5 templates that can help keep track of your budget by using Notion!

1) Automated Finance Tracker — Dave

1st out of 5 Notion Budget Tracker Templates for Managing Finances
Automated Finance Tracker by Notion creator Dave

This automated finance tracker is a great option for those who have much more extensive financial planning needs. You have features such as:

  • A unique related database
  • Automated bank account checker
  • Income & expenses tracker
  • Monthly & yearly overview
  • Tax calculator
  • Pre-compiled templates for different transaction
  • Wishlist, cards & investments tracker
  • Mobile app & video guide

Since the budget tracker allows you to automate your finances with simple pre-filled formulas, you can focus on just entering the numbers and letting the tracker do the work for you.

Price: $14+

Get the Automated Finance Tracker by Dave

2) Notion Finance (FIRE) Dashboard — Hugh

2nd out of 5 Notion Budget Tracker Templates for Managing Finances
Notion Finance (FIRE) Dashboard by Notion creator Hugh

This Notion budget tracker template uses the FIRE framework, also known as the Financial Independence, Retire Early. The idea is that if you build an intentional framework for yourself, you can plan your savings and retire early. Keeping that in mind, it has features such as:

  • Monthly & Yearly reports
  • Goal setting
  • Log transaction patterns
  • Subscription tracker
  • Loan tracker
  • Store coupons

The tracker has everything a person needs to reach their income goals. It’s very comprehensive and sets realistic expectations about your financial goals, and even prompts you if you’re lagging or succeeding in achieving them.

Price: $10

Get the Notion Finance (FIRE) Dashboard by Hugh

3) Ultimate Finance Tracker — Easlo

3rd out of 5 Notion Budget Tracker Templates for Managing Finances
Ultimate Finance Tracker by Notion creator Easlo

The Ultimate Finance Tracker is an excellent Notion personal budget template. It can help you track all your expenses on one dashboard and show how much money you have left under each fund. It includes features such as:

  • Account reports
  • Goal tracking
  • Monthly budget
  • Monthly & Yearly view
  • Income/ Expense/ Subscription tracking
  • Notes & Receipts

From tracking expenses and incomes to maintaining notes and receipts, it gives you a zoomed-out view of what’s happening. It helps you budget better in the future too.

Price: $19

Get the Ultimate Finance Tracker by Easlo

4) Financial Mastery — Daniel Canosa

4rd out of 5 Notion Budget Tracker Templates for Managing Finances
Financial Mastery by Notion creator Daniel Canosa

The Financial Mastery by Daniel Cardosa gives you a comprehensive view of every single cent that moves in and out of your bank account. It includes features such as:

  • Side-by-side view of expenses
  • Complete reports with all expenses & income
  • Reports by year and month
  • Group information under different categories
  • Mobile app for easy input
  • Comprehensive walkthrough

Because of the complete walkthrough, you can adapt the tracker to your needs. Using the mobile app, it becomes easy to input the expenses using a simple table that automatically transfers the content to the Notion template without worrying about Notion’s clunky mobile version. All of this can be compared to lifetime data and helps you understand your finances better.

Price: $10+

Get Financial mastery Template by Daniel Canosa

5) Free Notion Finance Tracker — Misha Creator

5th out of 5 Notion Budget Tracker Templates for Managing Finances
Free Notion Finance Tracker by Notion creator Misha

Misha’s Notion Finance Tracker is a free Notion budget template.

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use dashboard, this might be the right template for you! It has an income and expense tracker, and you can add a new month with a single click.

With these features, you can make a budget on Notion without getting lost in all of Notion’s functionalities.

Price: Free

Get the Notion Finance Tracker by Misha

6. Rich Finance Tracker by iNotion

This Rich Finance Tracker created by iNotion is integrated with systems that help you track your finances from anywhere in the world and then build your assets, and gain financial freedom.

Price: $15

100% Money Back Guarantee Within 30 Day

Get the Rich Finance Tracke by iNotion

In conclusion – Notion Budget Tracking Templates 

Every person should track their expenses as it helps them lead a healthier financial life. Check out these templates today if you’re looking to get started on your successful financial journey.

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