The 3 best Notion Journal Templates [2023]

In this post, you see a collection of my favorite Notion Journal Templates. Enjoy reading!

Journaling is a universally lived experience no matter where you are. Do you remember the distinct racy feeling of being able to rush to your inanimate friend hidden away in your closet? It was quite an eccentric time indeed.

However, if you’re anything like most people, your personal “Dear Diary” is now merely part of your memories—but does it have to be?

We’re sure all this talk about childhood journaling has unlocked a core memory. This practice can do wonders, even as an adult—allowing you to pause, reflect and progress.

While physical journals are not quite the rage right now, digital journals sure are. And what better than Notion my fellow Notioner?

So without further ado, this article will discuss the benefits of journaling and give you recommendations for Notion journal templates that you can use to clear your mind.

First, how can journaling in Notion help you?

Everyone knows that journaling is an excellent outlet for emotions. It also enables people to record and consolidate their thoughts. However, the core benefits of journaling extend beyond this—let’s see how. 

  • Improving Your Mental Health

Life is as uncertain as it gets because of which every human being faces an influx of overwhelming emotions. Journaling is an excellent way to get these emotions out of your head. 

A 2021 study found that practicing gratitude while journaling could positively affect the mind, so it is highly recommended for those who struggle with their mental health. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed condition, you can identify negative thinking patterns and overcome mental barriers along the way.

  • Helps you Track Your Goals

As the number of personal and professional goals in our lives multiplies, an excellent way to materialize these goals is to record them. 

Penning your goals helps keep them on the top of your head and increases their relevance in your life. Using Notion, you can create separate sections or pages to record long-term goals. The most gratifying part of journaling is that you can regularly review your progress and identify the steps that contributed to your growth.

  • Enables you to achieve your goals faster

The motivation to achieve your goals comes from being constantly reminded of your existence. For example, if you’re in university and aiming for a specific grade, keeping that goal in mind and tracking your progress throughout will keep you level-headed and keep you motivated. 

At the end of it all, the goals you’ve been recording have culminated in success before you know it. It was only possible because of the sheer effort you’ve put into recording them.

  • Improve your Writing Skills

Be it work or your personal life, writing is an essential skill these days. According to, even though 89% of people believe that effective communication is crucial, 8 out of 10 people rate their business communication as either average or poor. This is precisely why being a better communicator can set you apart. 

Employers prefer those with excellent communication skills, especially in written form, because the skill indicates clarity in your thoughts. And anybody who has that can pen a compelling message in no time. Journaling can be an excellent way of improving your writing skills.

  • Enhances Your Memory

While enhancing memory by journaling was considered a possibility earlier,  a 2001 study by the American Psychological Association proved it. The study found that writing helps improve your memory because it frees up your cognitive resources for other activities—like managing stress, memorizing things, etc. 

Having all your ideas in one place can be an enriching resource. It’s like a library of your thoughts—an immensely accessible insight into the nooks and crannies of your mental design.

  • Helps you keep track of things

Many people use journaling as a way to write a diary and keep track of things. This si for example important for traders, who need to keep track of their investments. Click here, if you are looking for a trading journal for Notion.

Top 3 Notion Journal Templates to get you started 

Now that we’re done discussing the various benefits that journaling can bring into your life, here are three Notion journal template suggestions to help you start your journaling journey!

1.) Stoic Life Journal by Pascio

A Notion daily journal template to pen your thoughts

If you’re looking for a Notion journal template to pen your thoughts and review them in one dashboard, this Notion journal template is for you. Here, you can look at your musings daily and get inspired by the various quotes at the top of the dashboard. Here are some of the features that adorn this Notion journal template:

  • Unlimited journal entries
  • Weekly review section
  • Stoic quote slideshow
  • Easy sorting and storage of daily writings
  • Personal phrase collection

The Stoic Life Notion daily journal template is intuitive and inspiring—making it the perfect choice for anyone who believes in stoic ideologies.


  • $14.99 for Stoic Life Journal
  • $24.99 for Stoic Life Bundle (Life Journal + Calendar)

Get the Stoic Life Journal by Pascio

2.) Notion Bullet Journal Template by Easlo

The Notion bullet journal template is a goldmine for anyone who believes in the practice of bullet journaling. With this template, you can create separate journals for travel, personal, fitness, etc., and add relevant tasks underneath it. It even allows you to directly tie all your goals with the notes you’ve taken and track everything simultaneously. 

This Notion journal template also has a mood tracker—to monitor your mental health. Here’s a list of additional features:

  • Track the following in each of your journal entries:
    • Moods
    • Photos
    • People
    • Notes
    • Tasks
    • Goals
    • Practices
    • Location
  • Multiple views (All-in-one, Today, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

Price: $39

Get the Notion Bullet Journal by Easlo

3.) Positivity Notion Bundle (With Journaling Template)

This is one of my favorite templates I have created so far. It helps you to reprogram your mind with positive affirmations in Notion. Besides showing you a positive and motivating quote in your workspace it also comes with a powerful journaling area which includes:

  • ✅ 31 Daily Journal Prompts for Manifesting
  • ✅ 5 Journals with tons of Journaling Ideas

It’s a Notion journal template for People who

  • want to channel energy towards reaching their goals
  • wish to live the life of their dreams

Price: $19

Get the Positivity Bundle on Gumroad

4.) The Happiness Bar by Frances Odera Matthews (Aesthetic Journal Template)

This aesthetic Notion journal template is for all the artistic folk out there! Since it’s an aesthetic template, it’s excellent for those who like decorating and personalizing their space. It has comprehensive features and trackers for various purposes—providing a holistic overview of your well-being.

Here are some of the features that make this template the creative, unique star that it is:

  • Aesthetic Notion journal template
  • Visualization worksheet
  • Habit tracker
  • Goal tracker
  • Sleep & mood tracker
  • Ability to decorate with GIFs
  • Multiple views (Daily/ weekly/ monthly/ quarterly)

With this journal, you can practice and record your mental progress using the 70+ self-care tips available on the paid version. 


  • Free (Basic Journal)
  • $10 (The Hobbyist Journaler – Early Bird)
  • $31 (The Power Journaler)
  • $55 (The Next Level Journaler – Early Bird)
  • $67 (The Next Level Journaler)

Get by The Happiness Bar by Frances Odera Matthews


We hope this article has done justice to the practice of journaling and given you much-needed clarity on what exactly it can do for your life. From illustrating the utter power of opening up and promoting the healthy recording of your thoughts and experiences to better recognize patterns and tendencies. Moreover, we hope that my Notion Journal Template selection was a good fit for you! If you’re looking to regain proactive control over your life, why not get started with journaling in Notion today?