The 5 Best Notion School & College Templates 2022

Imagine this. You’re all ready for the upcoming semester. You’ve got everything you need—your stationery, books, new clothes, a backpack, etc. Soon the semester starts, and you’ve already lost all semblance of time in a week.

You’re struggling to manage the different classes you’re taking, you’re unable to do your laundry, your sleep schedule is off, and now you’re wondering what went wrong.

Well, your lack of time management is what went wrong.

Being a university student is hard enough, so learning how to manage your time could give you much-needed peace of mind and flexibility. 

The easiest way to do that is to have a daily planner that you can take everywhere with you. An excellent example of that would be a physical diary or, if you’re into digital goods, Notion’s school templates. Not sure if Notion is the one for you? Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

This article will discuss the benefits of using Notion as a student and a list of Notion templates made specifically for students.

Is Notion good for students?

The short answer is yes.

Notion has a vast range of features, but most of the time, people are unsure whether it’s better than traditional planning systems. We’ve listed a few benefits for you below:

  • It’s a free planner

We all love free things, but nobody loves free stuff more than college students! Notion is a productivity app that is readily available online. You can download it on your phone and laptop/ desktop and be able to use all of its features.

While they have paid plans, if you’re a single user who needs the occasional sharing options, Notion’s free version is perfect. The free option has all of its features available, and you can customize it as much as you want.

Bonus: Their Personal Pro plan is free for students and teachers

  • It’s highly customizable

Notion has one of the most customizable database options available in the market right now. Some features include:

  • Customizable dashboard 
  • Add/ remove elements as needed
  • Create a detailed note-taking system
  • Create a customized calendar 

Once you learn how the database works, you can either create an aesthetic dashboard or use online templates.

  • It’s multipurpose

University students have a lot on their plate, and it only gets busier with time. But by using Notion, you can handle them easier. A few examples would be: 

  • Creating to-do lists for school and personal chores
  • Organizing your class notes in a single place
  • Creating a calendar with all your deadlines
  • Setting reminders for different events/ exams/ assignments that are coming up. 

Overall, it could be a super helpful tool for students looking to streamline their schedules.

5 best Notion templates for students

1. The Ultimate Notion Template for Students by Gridfiti

An excellent Notion planning template for students
An excellent Notion planning template for students

There are several features of this Notion template, and it has 15 pre-built templates made for students, specifically. Some of them are made for:

  • Planning to grade 
  • Class databases for various years 
  • Class pages for tracking the status of each class
  • Virtual notebook
  • Reading list
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Spending tracker 
  • Packing checklist

You can track all your classes, make notes, and track your time on different activities. It helps you get a better idea of what needs your time and how you can prioritize activities. It’s compatible with laptops, tablets, and phones—making it easy to access.

Price: $9

Get the Ultimate Notion Template for Students by Gridfiti

2. Grad School/Ph.D. Notion Hub by Patrick from Oxpat

Notion university template for grad school students
Notion university template for grad school students

This Notion college template is explicitly made for grad school students. Created by a Ph.D. student himself, it has many features such as:

  • Customizable to-do list
  • Integrated timeline for classes
  • Linked project management tool (notes, journal, literature tracker)
  • Widgets for organization

The main benefit of this school planner template is that it comes with an in-built linked database that organizes all your notes, timelines, and journal in one place. The widgets also help in boosting your organization game.

Price: $6.5

Get the Grad School Notion Hub by Patrick from Oxpat

3. Aesthetic Student Dashboard by The Notion Bar by Frances Odera Matthews

An aesthetic Notion template for students
An aesthetic Notion template for students

This aesthetic Notion template is an excellent choice for those who like their dashboard to have a pleasant look. Some of the features include:

  • A digital locker (classes, lecture notes, homework, coursework, exams, review topics & quizzes + grade), 
  • Pre-made lecture note templates
  • Ability to set reminders
  • In-built progress calendar

This Notion school template is an excellent addition for any student in high school, college, or grad school. You can share your notes and collaborate with friends, making it a useful option for building a notes database. You can also track your progress and set reminders to stay on top of your deadlines.

Price: $6.5

Get the Aesthetic Student Dashboard by Frances Odera Matthews

4. Student Workspace by Phd Notion

A comprehensive Notion template for college students
A comprehensive Notion template for college students

The Student Workspace is another Notion template targeted toward university students. It has many capabilities like:

  • Dashboard with courses
  • Calendar
  • Study plan dashboard
  • Courses and notes templates
  • Confidence level assessment template
  • Drag to calendar feature

The standout feature of this dashboard is that you can assess your confidence level for each class and plan accordingly. In addition to that, you also have all your courses, lecture notes, calendar, and study plan consolidated on one single dashboard.

Price: $13

Get the Student Workspace by PhD Notion

5. Student Workspace by Dave

A Notion template for school and university students
A Notion template for school and university students

This Notion template would be the most suited for college students given the comprehensiveness, but it can also be used by high school students. It has 15+ templates with an exhaustive list of features like:

  • Workspace (Courses, Exams, To-do’s, Smart Calendar & More)
  • Books (Digital Library sorted for Authors & Genres)
  • Bookmarks (Digital Reading list sorted for Sources & Collection)
  • Habits (Habit Tracker), Documents (General docs Database)

Besides having all your notes, deadlines, and calendar in one place, this tracker also takes care of the personal side of things. You can store all the notes from your favorite books, bookmark your digital reading list, and track your habits. School is not everything, and the creator recognizes that.

Price: $5

Get the Student Workspace by Dave

6. Zettelkasten for Notion

A personal note-taking (knowledge management) template for students
A personal note-taking (knowledge management) template for students

This note-taking template can help anybody who is a knowledge worker or, in simpler words, loves recording the things they learn. The Zettelkasten tool is known as the second brain because you can record whatever you know in one place.

The method was created by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann and relies on building a web of notes. This makes it the perfect template for students, as it helps them to better organize their notes and thoughts and come up with more creative ideas.

Price: $19

Get the Zettelkasten – Personal Knowledge Management Template by Philipp Stelzel


These templates are a great way to ensure that you’re always on top of both your school and personal life. It ensures that nothing slips under the cracks, and whenever you need to check something, it’s right where you need it.