The 4 best Notion Workout Templates [2023]

In this post, I will show you 4 of my favorite workout templates for Notion. I will also discuss 5 benefits of using Notion for tracking your fitness routines. Enjoy the post!

After months of pondering, a dozen gym memberships, and athleisure shopping, you have finally decided to start working out.

Great! But, now what?

Where do you begin? What exercises should you do? We’re sure your mind is probably buzzing with questions about your fitness routine.

Managing to be on schedule is a massive task, and adding another routine only adds to the challenge.

As enthusiastic Notioners, we of course recommend using a workout tracker in Notion to monitor your progress and achieve your fitness goals! 

Why use Notion for tracking your workouts?

There are tons of workout templates ready to be bought. However, the problem with most of these is that they aren’t customizable. For this reason alone, we recommend using digital workout planners like Notion. 

This article will discuss the benefits of tracking your fitness progress and recommend four templates to help you do just that.

5 reasons why you need a workout template

The main benefit of digitizing using a Notion template is that it can track your goals in a single dashboard. But, there are many other benefits of using workout templates. Some of them are:

1. Keeping mental notes is taxing

Life is stressful, and with everything going on, adding another routine isn’t helping you. Remembering what workouts you’ve done and what muscle groups you trained can be immensely tricky. Not to mention, specifics are quickly forgotten. 

All of this can take a toll on your drive and result in a surge in your consistency. And who wants yet another failed fitness attempt? Here’s where a workout template can come to your rescue!

2. Keep you motivated

Documenting your workout plan and constantly keeping tabs on your gains can keep you invested in your journey. And even if you feel like skipping a day or two when you’re not making tangible progress, looking at your metrics can push you to stay on track with your plan.

3. Helps you focus

Staying on schedule and being consistent is one thing—but having the right outlook toward fitness is important. We tend to ignore that sometimes we need to focus on different things. 

For example, if you’re in the cutting phase of the cycle, you’d have to cut down on calories. The reverse would be true in the bulking phase. Keeping track of where you’re at and what’s expected of you in the position helps ensure focus, and that is an absolute cakewalk with a solid planner!

4. Track what’s working and what’s not

Having a workout template certainly helps one keep track of what’s working for them. But more importantly, it enables you to track what is not. Knowing what works for you and what doesn’t helps you curate an effective workout regimen.

5. Increases your chances of success

You can curate a personalized plan for yourself based on your workout log when you can track the specifics. For example, what works best for your diet, exercises, or workout timings. This increased efficiency of your regimen will drastically increase your chances of success over time—which is the entire goal of these templates.

The best Notion workout templates

Workout templates can do a lot for you. If you’re as convinced of their utility, here are 4 Notion workout templates that could help you kickstart your fitness journey today!

1. Workout Compass by Philipp Stelzel

A trackable Notion workout planner template with exercises
A Notion workout planner template for visually tracking your progress

This Notion workout template is perfect for starting a fitness regimen because it has exercises, the information you need, and a visual progress tracker. It shows you where you’re lagging so that you can rectify it in time. 

In a nutshell, This template is a smart gym and workout diary with multiple customizable features that help you hyper-personalize your fitness journey! 

Some of the features include:

  • Overview of various muscle groups
  • 32 Exercises with descriptions
  • Crisp Workout Tracker
  • Red / Green light feedback system 

Price: $9

Get the Workout Compass by Philipp Stelzel

2. Health Hub OS by Pascio

A holistic Notion workout template for healthy living
A holistic Notion workout template for healthy living

Fitness is not about numbers on a scale or any such vanity metrics. It’s a holistic, all-encompassing way of life that maximizes happiness and ensures good health. These are beliefs anyone looking for a healthy outlook on fitness should inculcate.

These values are reelected in Pascio’s template with tons of unique features, like:

  • Daily Check-In System
  • Mental Check-In System
  • Physical Log
  • Knowledge Database
  • Routine Database
  • 15+ unique templates 
  • 10+ different health trackers

This is not a classical workout tracker, but this Notion template rather ties your internal health with your fitness goals. There are standout features like tracking your happiness, mood, mental reflections, and workout—giving a holistic overview of your improvement. You can also track your intake of vitamins and other supplements.


  • $15 (Health Hub)
  • $19 (Health + Sobriety Hub)
  • $25 (Support bundle)

Get the

Health Hub OS by Pascio

Or get the whole

Health Bundle by Pascio

3. Beastmode Workout OS by Nalore

A comprehensive and smart Notion workout template
A comprehensive and smart Notion workout template

If you’re looking for a workout template to guide you, this is for you! It has multiple features that help it stand out as a gem of a product. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Over 180 illustrated exercises
  • Over 20 training techniques
  • Up to 37 Essential muscles to develop
  • A built-in stopwatch
  • Integrated training report
  • Program creation tools
  • Muscle gain per exercise tracker
  • Progression planning tools

This template is one of the most comprehensive options in the market today. It has information on different muscle types to target, which exercises work best for them, a workout log, and even a stopwatch to track time.

Price: $11.99

Get the Beastmode Workout OS by Nalore

4. Zen OS by Kobun Soto

A Notion workout template centered around zen values
A Notion workout template centered around zen values

If you’re someone who values meditation-centric, zen ways of thinking, this template will be an absolute banger! Some of its features include:

  • Personal To-Do + Memory Artifacts
  • Mood Tracker
  • Weekly Planner
  • Life Spaces
  • Goals + Habits log
  •  Daily Journal
  • Monthly Reflection tools
  • Health + Fitness Tracker
  • Elaborate Workout plans
  • Routine sheet
  • Values tracker
  • Year-End Review
  • Full Projects CRM

Kobun Soto’s workout calendar is not just meant for working out. It views working out as a holistic activity, so it’s integrated into a life planning template to help you view it from a broader perspective. You can track your diet and training sessions together for working out, which gets integrated into your weekly plan. 

Price: $39

Get the Zen OS by Kobun Soto

Bonus: Free Workout and Gym Tracker for Notion by Philipp Stelzel

This is another template created by myself. The difference to the Workout Compass is that this template is targeting Notion beginners, just learning all the functionalities of the app. Therefore, the template architecture is simple and straightforward.

Still, it helps you to keep track of your workout progress, repetitions and weight lifted.

Check it out for free by subscribing below:

Conclusion – Notion Workout Templates

The only way to achieve your fitness goals is to know how you started and how it’s going. By using a Notion workout calendar template, you should get an overview of your actual routine. It allows you to track, look back, observe and customize best to your needs. We hope you try out these templates to start or continue your fitness journey!

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