Investing in Yourself Pays the Best Interest (and even beats the current inflation rate)

The global economy is plunging into a recession.

Stocks are down.

Cryptos I don’t even want to mention….

Some would argue that right now is the best time to invest. At least some dude long-dead claimed that you should buy when blood is in the street.

Even if it is your blood.

But how to invest, when you are broke? Well, there is a way:

In fact, besides finances there are at least three areas in life where you should invest your energy every day (even if you are down to the last Penny):

  • Knowledge & Skills
  • Health
  • Social

Knowledge & Skills


In the old times, a college degree was the only way to get an in-depth education. Nowadays, you can do the same by binge-watching videos on Youtube.

Internet is free University. Unfortunately, it comes with many distractions.

While in theory all of humankind’s knowledge is at our fingertips, most people don’t access it, because they are busy getting a fresh dopamine kick from some dancing alpaca on TikTok.

However, if you wish to make a dent in the universe, it is time to take this internet thing a bit more seriously.

Obviously, the algorithms created in the labs of silicon valley are designed to exploit your attention, not to make you a better human being.

But we can beat them, by being more conscious about the content we are consuming. For example, you can start to shut off distracting content. Personally, I am using for blocking social media, news and of course adult websites during my work time.

And if Youtube becomes too distracting for you, it can pay off to pay for services like Skillshare (Click here to get one free month of Skillshare classes) that provide you with online courses about almost any topic.

Learning a new skill will open many doors in your life. Just make it a habit to invest a few minutes of your day in studying new things.

Become an expert for a software or app (like I did with Notion) and combine your expertise with some skills like copywriting, graphic design, or SEO.

Boom! You just have created yourself a career!


Health is wealth. A healthy body is the most important asset you own. If yours gets destroyed it’s game over for you, and unfortunately we have no proof yet that this reincarnation thing is really going to work.

So, what can you do?


Avoid things that harm your health: Smoking, binge drinking, or eating seed oils (seriously). They all come with asymmetric risks. This means for a little benefit in the now, you are facing huge risks in the future.


Invest in your body by eating nutrition-dense foods, and building up muscles by pumping iron or doing calisthenics.

Just by doing those things, you will:

  • gain more energy, which you can use to learn more skills
  • reduce chronic diseases, which will increase your longevity
  • become more attractive, which will give your social life a boost

In a nutshell: Investing in your body generates a huge ROI, because it positively affects all the other areas of your life.



The Formula 1 racer Niki Lauda once said:

“A friend is someone I could call 24/7 to talk about a problem, Honestly, I don’t know anybody I would do that with.”

Taking his definition: How many people would you call friends?

If you can think about nobody you should consider investing in your social circle because a healthy social environment adds a layer of security to your life.

I mean, how many couches could you crash, in case you lost your home? Having friends can make the difference between sleeping on the street or having a roof over your head.

A growing network of friends also increases the number of opportunities exponentially.

In 2021, I got the majority of my revenue from clients that were recommended by a friend who was closing his agency.

But you will also gain tons of opportunities in other areas of your life like romance, knowledge or health only by having a large social circle.

Just remember that you shouldn’t just focus on quantity.

We, humans, are somehow limited in the number of deep friends we can make. This is called Dunbar’s number which was first proposed in the 1990s by British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, who stated that due to our cognitive functions humans can only comfortably maintain 150 stable relationships and around 5 deep relationships.

Personally, I don’t believe that our ability to maintain more than 150 stable relationships is really caped by our cognitive function. However, there is definitely one limiting factor that is equally scarce for everybody:


Building deep relationships is time-consuming. So, invest your social time wisely. Don’t spend it with people you are not resonating with. And if you have the choice between making a lot of shallow connections or one deep connection, go for the second.

Quality beats quantity. Always.

What investments did you do today? Tell me in the comments!