Making $1 online is easy! The real struggle is making a living with your digital business

Starting a business online has never been so easy.

Thanks to countless no-code tools, the costs of setting up a website, a newsletter or a shop are almost zero.

All you have to do is invest your time, to get the money rolling.

At least, this is what’s pitched on money twitter daily.

While I agree with this premise, I believe that the truth is more complicated.

Yes, earning your first $1 with Wifi money is easy!

Everybody can do that.

But the challenge is in scaling your business. If you want to live from your business you need to earn several $ 100 per day. Truth is, without hard work and a lot of dedication, it is impossible to reach this stage.

So, while earning some money online isn’t a big challenge, making a living out of it is pretty hard.

I speak from experience:

In 2021 I became more and more invested in the Notion scene on Twitter.

Quickly I also started to create Notion templates which I sold like everybody else via Gumroad.

Since the last year, I have seen 100s of people trying to do the same,

A few of those accounts exploded like Easlo and Pascio who both can now finance their lives from their template business. But for every Easlo, there are probably hundreds of accounts that you’ve never heard of because they gave up again.

Even Pascio recently admitted that he failed at his first attempt.

But he is not a quitter. At the end of the year, he started a new attempt to succeed in this business and began to study the best Notion creators in depth. Fast forward one year, he made so much money from selling Notion templates that he could even free himself from his 9–5 job.

Showing up every day makes the difference

In my opinion, you will eventually make it, if you manage to stick around long enough.

While most of the guys and gals who have been with me on Twitter on my business trip since 2021 probably can’t make a living from selling Notion templates, most of them at least earn a decent side income from it.

That’s not the worst possible outcome!

Ideally, you get addicted to the idea of making money online. Look at it like playing a video game. The more bucks end up in your pocket, the more dopamine some neurological triggers in your brain will release.

And before you know it, making money online will be your favorite hobby.

Eventually, this will path the path to a new career.

Just stay humble, be patient, improve every day, and don’t give up too early.