Honest Review of the Task Architect Teams by Pascio

Is This The Best Notion Task Management Template? Task Architect

In this Notion template review, I’ll look at Notion creator Pascio’s Task Architect. Is this just another task management template for Notion, or does it really provide a new and innovative task management approach?

Let’s find out in the review!

Why do task management in Notion?

The template promises to support you in organizing and managing your tasks in Notion. Moreover, it also works as a project management template. The idea for creating the Task Architect was borne after Pascio became overwhelmed with working on his main job and side hustle at the same time.

Unfortunately, the traditional task management approaches didn’t work out for him. Due to him being faced with a multitude of tasks each day, he realized he needed to prioritize his actions more thoroughly.

Most people who are using some task management system can probably empathize with Pascio’s struggle:

In the beginning, you probably just start by writing down your daily tasks on a sheet of paper. But the more projects and responsibilities get added to your workday, the more confusing such a system gets.

Still, task management is absolutely important if you wish to get things done. But being confronted with an endless list of to-dos at the beginning of your day will simply just demoralize you.

Instead of working on your to-dos, you’ll be giving up, and before you realize it you’ll be sitting on your couch with a big cup of Ben and Jerry’s binge-watching the latest Netflix series.

In a way, being able to prioritize is not just crucial for being productive, but also for staying motivated in the long term.

However, the main problem with prioritization is that in many cases we do not know which actions lead to which results.

The reason you’re not doing the tasks you should be doing is that you’re stuck not knowing what tasks produce what results – Pascio

That being the case, the Task Architect is utilizing the Eisenhower Matrix to help you work on the right things all the time.

A look inside the Task Architect for Notion

The Task Architect Template comes in 3 versions:

  1. Task Architect Basic – This simple version allows you to do 1 project.
  2. Task Architect Pro – This is an advanced version, with unlimited projects and 4 areas.
  3. Task Architect Teams – This is the Pro version with teams and admin dashboards.

For this Notion template review, I am using the Teams version.

Honest Review of the Task Architect Teams by Pascio - Notion Task Management Template

The core of this template consists of 4 areas:

  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Private
  • Projects

Of course, you are free to rename these areas to whatever you want.

Marketing, Financials and Private have their own tasks. The last area, Projects, is different from the others as it contains projects, which in turn have their own tasks.

How to create and manage tasks with this Notion task management template?

To test this template, I start by navigating to the marketing area.

Here I can use the task-upload-box for creating new tasks.

Let’s call the first test task “Create Google Ads”. After creating it, the task will disappear again, keeping the box clean.

For further processing of the task, I need now to navigate to the Admin Dashboard and on this page to the Task Inbox.

Now, I need to decide what to do with the task. As mentioned before, this task management template makes use of the Eisenhower Matrix, a productivity system attributed to former US president Eisenhower.

It looks like the following: If a task is:

  • Urgent & Important = Do it now
  • Urgent & Not Important = Delegate
  • Not Urgent & Important = Schedule
  • Not Urgent & Not Important = Delete

There exist a lot of Notion task management templates that help you to calculate the right Eisenhower category for your tasks. However, this template requires that you know the Eisenhower status of your tasks. So if you think your task is Urgent & Important you drag it into the Do area, if it is Urgent & Not Important to the Delegate area, and so on.

Task Inbox - Task Architect - Notion Task Management Template

When you delegate a task, the template requires you to assign a user. If you choose the category Schedule, a date must be set. If tasks become overdue, they will appear in the Overdue Tasks database.

Schedule Tasks - Task Architect - Notion Task Management Template

Delegated tasks appear in the workspace of that specific user. However, those workspaces are not included in the Basic or Pro versions. As mentioned in the introduction, for this review I was testing the Task Architect Teams, which includes dedicated workspaces for users and an admin dashboard. This version is specially created for companies or larger teams. However, most freelancers or solopreneurs will probably be totally satisfied with the Basic and Pro version.

There exists also a section for daily recurring tasks. However, with the new Notion update in November 2022 which implemented a native solution for recurring tasks, I expect to see major updates coming in this area soon.

This was my brief intro to Pascio’s Task Architect. But lets now move to the most important question:

How did I like this template?

How good is the Task Architect as a task management template for Notion?

The template is sophisticated and comes with tons of good ideas. I especially like how it manages to categorize tasks in different areas, which is an issue I am struggling often with.

As a critique, I would say that the learning curve of this template is steep. Moreover, it requires you to click around a lot, and move tasks from one database to another all the time. I suspect that most people would prefer a task management template for Notion that is more straightforward and requires less moving around of tasks.

However, every brain is wired differently. A task manager that works for one person, will not work for the next.

In conclusion, I would suggest this template for people who are having some experience with Notion. If you’re starting out with Notion or if you are new to task management, it’s probably better to stick with a simpler framework before starting to implement such a sophisticated system.

However, if you are an experienced Notion user and not new to task management, this could actually be a system that will greatly increase your productivity.

Get the Task Architect by clicking on this link

By the way, if you are interested in testing this template, you can make use of the 30-day satisfaction guarantee offered by Pascio. If the template is not working for you, just ask for a refund.

Alternatively, check out my list of best templates for freelancers, or my Small Business Compass, which offers a more traditional task management approach.


  • Usability 4/5
  • Creativity 5/5
  • Aesthetics 4/5

Overall Rating for the Template

  • 4.34/5

Get the Task Architect by clicking on this link