Customized Notion


Notion is like Lego.

Experienced users can easily harness the power of this no-code tool and build workspaces that put the solutions of competitors like Trello or Asana to shame.

But while YOU as a professional love to use tailored solutions, you also need systems that work.


Is your business operating in a highly competitive environment?

In this case, you need customized solutions that give you an edge over your competition. but you can’t afford to endlessly experiment with building them from scratch.

* Quick Discovery Call (30 Minutes) on Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.

How can I help you?

I can…

  • build a customized Notion template/dashboard/workspace from scratch
  • customize or improve your existing Notion workspace
  • integrate a template into your existing Notion workspace

Why am I the right partner for you?

My name is Philipp Stelzel. Over the past year, I’ve created over 20 business templates for Notion, many of which are featured in the Notion Template Gallery.

I am a business owner since 2014. Because of my work, I am familiar with the Getting-Things-Done-Methode, the PARA-System and the Zettelkasten method. My main focus is building Notion workspaces for Knowledgepreneurs.

How does it work?

  • We hop on of free 15-20 minutes call and see if we are a great match
  • After the call, I give you access to a submit page, where you can tell me all the details of the project
  • I will send you a free quote (price and expected delivery time) within 2 business days
  • My price starts at $500

What you will get?

  • A customized Notion template
  • 3 revision
  • Recorded instruction to learn and apply
  • 31-days customer support


Philipp Stelzel | Digital Creator & Productivity Agency


Adresse: Stiegengasse 11, 1060 Vienna, Austria