8 ways to make money with Notion as a Notionpreneur

Notion is a tool unlike anything we have seen before.

It is an all-in-one workspace that allows you to build your personal workflows like LEGO. This way your imagination is the only limit to the things you can build with this tool.

In the last years, Notion has taken the productivity tools market by storm and today Notion is trusted by more than 20 million users.

This community of enthusiasts is becoming more of a tribe. It is no wonder that a huge Notion ecosystem has developed allowing people all over the world to become Notionpreneurs.

Are you interested in starting a Notion side hustle or even a Notion business to fully fund your living?

Look no further!

In the following paragraphs, I’ll show you 8 ways you can easily monetize your Notion expertise.

1. Create Templates for Notion workspaces

This is the classic way of making money with Notion. Recently, Youtuber and Notion template creator Thomas Frank shared the news that he made 100.000 in a single month just by selling templates.

Thomas might be an outliner, but even young creators like Easlo regularly earn more than 10.000 a month with this business model.

What makes this business model so attractive is its simplicity.

Nothing easier than selling the template of a workspace you have created yourself. You only have to share your creation on Twitter and Product Hunt and sell it via Gumroad or one of the many other marketplaces.

However, its simplicity is also the major downside of this business model.

There are almost no entry barriers, therefore the market is getting flooded with Notion templates.

Still, you can make decent money by producing high-quality templates and finding creative or unusual solutions. But it requires some grinding nowadays to stand out of the crowd of talented Notion creators.

So, it definitely pays off to have a large social media following like Thomas Frank.

You’re probably reading this because you’re already creating templates, but you probably aren’t getting enough sales. In this case, it makes sense to learn the Notion template business from one of the most successful Notionpreneurs of the current day.

The Notion Creator Bundle by Pascio is a collection of tools to help you build, launch, and sell more Notion templates. Pascio started his journey in the summer of 2021. At that time, he published his first templates and even spent money to increase his reach on Twitter. But to no avail, he couldn’t get a single sale.

No wonder he gave up.

But Pascio is not a quitter. At the end of the year, he started a new attempt to succeed in this business and began to study the best Notion creators in depth. Fast forward one year, he made so much money from selling Notion templates that he could even free himself from his 9-5 job.

If you want to recreate Pascio’s journey learn more by clicking on the following link:

Notion Creator Bundle

2. Build marketplaces for Notion Templates

Some creators nowadays go one step further and instead of selling Notion templates, they are creating marketplaces for Notion templates.

This makes sense: While Gumroad makes it easy to set up an online listing for your digital products, it is not driving a lot of traffic to your listing through its marketplace.

Affiliate marketplaces like Notion Everything were among the first to take advantage of this inefficiency by providing a platform that is targeting people looking for Notion templates. This way, they drive traffic to your notion template listings on Gumroad and profit by keeping a small affiliate fee.

Recently, a new marketplace – NotionUtopia – emerged that tries to imitate the Gumroad model exclusively for Notion-related products. Instead of being merely an affiliate, NotionUtopia is a real marketplace with an integrated payment function and even an affiliate program for marketers.

At the moment, the marketplaces are in their infancy. There is still a lot of room for growth and probably you could still start your own marketplace. However, I would act fast. Once the existing marketplaces have established themselves, it will be hard to break into this market.

3. Build SaaS tools for Notion

Creating Notion templates is a great way to start as a Notionpreneur. But how much better would it be to create real apps or widgets for Notion?

This might not be as easy as creating the next Notion template, but it comes with the benefit of limited competition.

Take the example of Julien Nahum who created NotionForms – a tool for creating beautiful forms to fill your Notion tables – and reached annual recurring revenue of $100.000 within a year.

4. Create visuals for Notion templates

If you’re more interested in design than code, drawing illustrations in the Notion style might be an attractive career for you.

In fact, Notion-style illustrations or icons are in high demand. Just take a look how many Notioners display a Notion avatar of themselves instead of their real picture on Twitter.

Speaking of avatars: Get your personalized on Notion Utopia.

5. Create templates for Notion websites

Notion is more than just the next productivity tool. Thanks to tools like Super or Popsy your Notion page can easily be converted into a fully functional website.

So, with time Notion might become the next website building tool. While this is not the main use case for Notion at the moment, there is definitely a niche in providing website templates for the community.

You could for example design awesome templates for landing pages, hero sections or blog posts created in Notion.

6. Offer Notion consulting

Notion as a tool offers a lot of possibilities. No wonder the learning curve is steep. To really kickstart the Notion journey it helps to have a guide who introduces you to Notion-related hacks, tricks, and best-practice examples.

This opens the opportunity for Notion consulting. In fact, you can even become certified by Notion as a Consultant.

Even if it takes time, getting the certificate is definitely a way to secure a stable livelihood. To date, only 36 Notions consultants are certified, while the potential user base is 20 million people.

7. Teach Notion via online-course or e-book

A way of scaling your business as a consultant is by creating an online course or writing an e-book.

Notion superstar August Bradley is for example teaching his popular Notion Life Design course on building a personal Life Operating System.

Teaching Notion-related online courses can certainly propel your influence in the Notion community. Besides, this will likely also boost your Notion template sales and your income as a Notion consultant.

Still, I wouldn’t advise starting with a content-as-a-service business. Creating a course or writing a book both require a lot of time and determination. But there is no guarantee that the end product will be a success.

Even August Bradley first offered his insights for free on Youtube and only when he gained a reputation within the Notion community did he create a compatible online course.

First, build your reputation in other fields and see the online course or e-book creation as a final way of making even more money with Notion.

8. Build workspaces for customers

The problem with templates is that users still have to customize them for their personal needs.

However, customization is not easy, and many people don’t have the time or energy to really delve deep into Notion to implement the changes they want.

Building customized workspaces for individuals or businesses is a service that becomes more and more popular.

So, if you are already creating Notion templates, offering customized template creation is just the next logical step in your journey as a Notionpreneur.


These are 8 ways of making money with Notion. Do you have even more ideas? Great! Please share them in the Twitter thread below: