Fight Addictions in Notion – The Addiction Compass Template

Habit trackers are among the most popular Notion templates.

Most habit trackers focus on building new habits.  That’s great, but omits one important thing:

The majority of people need to get rid of negative routines aka addictions first before they can start implementing positive practices.

In moderation, most practices are fine. The dose makes the poison.

Habits become problematic when they are compulsive. When this happens, they prevent us from using our time efficiently and realizing our true potential.

This is the reason why I have recently built the Addiction Compass. This Notion template helps you develop a personal strategy to fight against negative habits and addictions like the consumption or usage of

  • Weed,
  • Nicotine,
  • Alcohol,
  • Social Media
  • Gambling,
  • Gaming,
  • POM
  • etc.

It provides you with an advanced system built in Notion to help you break free from your addictions and regain control over your life.

What are Addictions?

An addiction is a condition in which a person becomes physically or psychologically dependent on a substance or activity. Addictions can be related to a variety of substances, including alcohol, drugs, and nicotine, as well as behaviors like gambling, shopping, watching adult videos or overeating.

People who have an addiction often feel a strong craving for the substance or activity and may feel unable to control their behavior around it. They may continue to engage in the substance or activity despite negative consequences, such as problems with relationships, work, or health. Addiction can have serious physical and mental health consequences and can be difficult to overcome without help.

How to use the Notion Addiction Compass Template?

When first using this template you will see the dashboard displayed in the screenshot above.

In the left column, you see:

  • A relapse area (which you should just open in case of a relapse)
  • A guide on how to best break addictions
  • A configuration area for the template

In the column beside you will see an Emergency Protocol. Here you find a list of actions you should do if you are close to a relapse. Of course, you are free to add your own strategies and actions to this area.

In the right column, you can add an accountability buddy. However, this is not a requirement when using this template.

What is an accountability buddy?

Having an accountability partner is useful when fighting addictions because they can provide support, encouragement, and guidance.

A partner can provide you with a safe space to talk about your struggles and feelings, and help you to develop strategies to reach your goals. Additionally, an accountability partner can help to remind you of the importance of remaining sober and can provide you with an extra layer of support when you are feeling vulnerable.

If you can’t find any trustworthy person in your family or among your friends for this role, reach out to people online. There are thousands of communities for every addiction, bringing together people who have the same struggle as you.

When you have found a trustworthy accountability buddy, fill out this area in the template. It serves as a reminder that there is a person who can help you when you are struggling.

Configuring the Template

Go to the page Configure the template.

Write down what you want to remove

Change the names of the prefilled rows (Addiction 1,2 & 3) to the negative habits you want to remove. You can delete rows you don’t need, of you want to remove less than 3 addictions or add more entries if you want to get rid of more than three addictions at once.

In general, I recommend not tackling many things at once. Start small and slowly remove one thing at a time from your life.

Choose a punishment

You can also choose a punishment for every relapse.

Important: Don’t humiliate yourself!

Either do something that adds value to your life but is difficult or uncomfortable to do, like doing X amount of pushups, or do something that benefits others (e.g. your accountability buddy) or your friends and family.

When was your latest relapse?

To start tracking your progress set the time of your latest relapse. if you for example want to quit smoking and are just smoking your last cigarette, choose today’s date in the column “Last Relapse?”

Seeing Your Streak During Recovery

Scroll down on the Start page to see the stats. Here you see the number of days you are on a streak. Moreover, for every milestone like 3, 7, 30 or more days, a new avatar is assigned to you.

Journaling to fight addictions and relapses

Right below the stats, we get to the journaling area. Use this area to get more clarity about your recovery progress.

I have compiled a couple of templates for different situations you will encounter on your journey.

I recommend journaling at least once a day. You will be surprised by how many insights you will get only by writing down your thoughts. You can also link your entries to different triggers and emotions. Feel free to add more triggers or emotions to the two list databases.

Relapse Area

Sometimes despite the best strategy and measures a relapse is not avoidable. Even if you fail, this is not the end of your journey. However, it is important to understand the things that lead to your relapse and follow the protocol you have defined during the configuration of this template.

  • First: Change the date to the date of your latest relapse.
  • Second: Look up the punishment you have set for your failure.
  • Third: Write down the reason for the relapse in the journaling area (to make this more convenient the journaling database is embedded in this area)

The last point is really important because identifying triggers and writing them down will give you more clarity about why you are craving to do certain actions.


The Addiction Compass Template for Notion is my attempt to help people regain control back over their lives. If you are interested in using it, click on the following link. By the way, secure your discount by using the code “mediumq0hvmx8” to get it -25% off. I am also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Get the Addiction Compass here!