Mastering Reminders & Alerts in Notion: Making Forgetfulness a Thing of the Past

Let’s get real. You probably know about Notion. If not, where have you been in the last few years?

It’s that kick-ass productivity tool that everyone and their grandma are raving about. It’s not just some shiny new toy, it’s a game-changer. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of organizing crap – from work and projects to those random ideas that hit you in the shower.

But here’s the catch: with so much versatility, it’s like standing in a hurricane of tasks, notes, and databases. It’s all too damn easy to lose sight of what matters, letting crucial deadlines slip through your fingers like sand.

Enter your savior: Notion Reminders aka Notion Alerts.

Stick with me here, and I’ll break down how Notion notifications are going to keep you on top of your game. Because let’s be honest, we could all use a little help in not screwing things up.

Why do you need Notion Reminders, anyway?

Look around. We live in a world that’s moving at the speed of a caffeine-fueled squirrel. Every day, we’re drowning in an endless flood of tasks and information. It’s like standing in front of a firehose trying to sip some water.

Managing your time effectively while keeping a clear head?

It’s not just about being responsible; it’s an art in itself. With all the challenges around, how can Notion Reminders serve as your guiding tool?

  • Clear Overview: In a well-structured platform like Notion, it’s still possible to get distracted. Alerts assist in maintaining focus and remind us of upcoming tasks or meetings.
  • Enhance Productivity: Have you ever reached day’s end and wondered how time flew? With Notion Reminders, you’re consistently reminded of important tasks, helping you manage your day better.
  • Adaptable Reminders: Instead of sticking to strict schedules or time blocks, alerts can be tailored to fit your preferences. Be it a singular reminder or a regular nudge, you’re in control of your notifications.
  • Balancing Work and Rest: Reminders can also help differentiate between work and relaxation periods. Consider an alert that suggests a break every 90 minutes, ensuring you pause and refresh, which can lead to better productivity.

In essence, Notion Reminders aren’t just about reminders. They serve as a valuable tool that enables you to optimize your daily work routine and maximize your efficiency within Notion.

Diving into Notion Reminders

How to Set notifications in Notion?

Here is how you are adding a reminder to a Page:

  • Navigate to the Notion page where you’d like to add the reminder.
  • Type @remind followed by a time, date, or both. For example, @remind tomorrow, @remind 7pm, or @remind Wednesday at 1pm. This will create a blue tag.
  • Click on the blue tag. A calendar window will pop up, allowing you to edit the date, time, or change your time zone. Set precisely when and how you want to be reminded (e.g., 30 minutes before the due time).
  • Note: In-line reminders turn red when they shift to @Today or become overdue.

Adding a Reminder to a Notion Database:

  • If you’re working within a database, add a date property.
  • Click on this property, and a calendar window will open where you can select the desired date for the database item.
  • Below the calendar, there’s a ‘Remind’ option, set by default to ‘None.’
  • Click on the dropdown menu and choose from options like on the day of the event, 1 day before, 2 days before, or 1 week before. If you’ve set a time in the date property, it will also be displayed, e.g., On the day of the event (9:00 am).

How will Notion Notify You?

When you set a reminder, you’ll be notified in various ways at the desired time:

  • A red badge will appear next to “Updates” at the top of your left sidebar.
  • If you use the desktop Notion app, you’ll receive an instant push notification.
  • If you’re using the mobile Notion app on your phone, you’ll also get a push notification.
  • If Notion isn’t open when your reminder is due, you’ll get a mobile push notification (if you have the app) and an email.

How to Assign Notion Reminders to Other Team Members?

If you want to set a reminder for someone else on your team, use an @-mention and @-remind on the same line. For example, @PhilippAlexander @remind next Tuesday at 1 pm.

Notifications for Mentions: If you’re mentioned in a comment or on a page, you’ll get a notification in the Updates section of your Notion sidebar. You can respond directly in the Updates window by clicking on Reply.

When Should You Use Notion Reminders?

Reminders in Notion are a helpful tool to optimize various workflows:

  • Project Milestones: Set reminders for project milestones or critical deliverables to ensure you’re working towards your goal.
  • Preparing for Meetings: Set a reminder ahead of meetings or events to allow preparation time.
  • Routine Tasks: Regular tasks like weekly reports, maintenance tasks, or tracking customer communication can be simplified with reminders.
  • Team Collaboration: Use reminders to notify team members of deadlines or tasks, enhancing team coordination.

Setting Recurring Notion Reminders

Recently, while optimizing the Notion Workspace of a Berlin advertising agency, an employee asked if it was possible to set up recurring Notion notifications.

The team needed regular reminders for several tasks within the agency.

I first responded that there was no specific feature for recurring alerts in Notion at the moment. However, future updates might consider this option.

Then I recalled that one can set recurring Notion reminders by creating recurring tasks.

If you’re unsure how to set up recurring tasks in Notion, I recommend checking out my detailed tutorial on the subject.

When you create such a task in Notion, you can add a reminder in the name property like “@remind today”. This means that each time this task is created in the database, the reminder will be triggered.

Conclusion: Reminders and Notifications in Notion

With Notion reminders, we have the ability not only to keep track of tasks and deadlines but also to streamline our entire workflow.

Whether it’s about project milestones, preparing for meetings, routine tasks, or team collaboration, Notion’s reminder feature significantly enhances our productivity and helps us get the most out of our work.

Use them wisely and make them an integral part of your daily routine!