Hey đź‘‹ I am Philipp Stelzel

Notion Ambassador & Notion Template creator

Transform Chaos into Clarity with Notion.

Why Notion?


Are you seeking a game-changer to optimize your small business operations and amplify productivity? Look no further than Notion – the dynamic, all-in-one workspace revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs manage their ventures.

30 Million Individuals

Picture this: over 30 million individuals are already harnessing Notion’s power to streamline team collaboration, customer management, and task execution. It’s not just a trend; it’s a transformative toolset that’s reshaping how businesses operate.

Saving Precious Time

Now, let’s talk efficiency. With Notion’s intuitive interface and seamless integration capabilities through the Notion API and platforms like Zapier or Automate.io, you can bid farewell to tedious, time-consuming tasks. By automating repetitive processes, you’re not just saving precious time – you’re maximizing profitability.

Notion Consultant

But here’s the real kicker: as your dedicated Notion consultant, I’m here to guide you through unlocking its full potential for your business. Together, we’ll craft a bespoke CRM system tailored to your unique needs, implement the renowned “getting-things-done” methodology to supercharge productivity, and automate those pesky tasks that bog down your core operations.

Central Hub

Even if your teams are scattered across the globe, Notion serves as the central hub for seamless coordination and collaboration. Distance becomes a non-issue when your workflow is optimized with Notion.

Propel Your Business

Ready to revolutionize your business? Let’s harness the power of Notion and propel your small business to new heights of efficiency and success.

I offer Notion Solutions for a Smarter Workflow.

Notion: The Key to Your Organized Life.

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I've worked with Philip on numerous projects over a long period of time and he's super qualified and talented in everything he does. His templates are also top-notch and I'd definitely recommend him and his templates to anyone who asks.
Pascal K.
I worked with Philipp on multiple occasions. He is a trusted partner who keeps his word no matter what and helps whenever asked in no time. He is an expert in Notion, Copy Writing and Digital Marketing. He is literally my Swiss army knife for all of the above. Highly recommend his services!
Frederic Braun
I have had many exciting conversations with Phillipp about business and he has always been willing to help and support. Phillipp is extremely talented in what he does and I would always recommend him to others.
Severin Schuetz
Digital Creator


Notion Templates

Optimize Your Notion Workspace with my Notion Templates (featured by Notion).

Notion Online Training

Learn the key features of the Notion app in my latest online course on Udemy.



Years of struggling to focus, constantly juggling tasks, managing scattered documents, losing track of deadlines – it was like constantly having to roll a boulder up the hill like Sisyphus. That was my reality before I discovered Notion.

Now I want to share the peace and productivity it has brought me with you.

Because today I am a certified Notion Ambassador and have used my expertise to help companies go from zero income to $10,000 in just 3 months. If you are looking for a way out of the chaos and towards simplified productivity, you have come to the right place.

Ready to experience the Notion revolution? Let’s talk!