The best Notion Marketplaces to list your Templates

Easlo is a 20 years old digital creator. Last month he made $ 12.000, mainly by selling Notion Templates.


And you too could do the same…

With more than 20 million active users Notion is the hottest productivity app at the moment.

In the shadow of this success, a huge third-party market has established itself in recent years. Notion templates alone are probably generating several million $ per month. And the beauty of this business is that everybody can participate.

All you need is a free Notion account and a creative solution for a workflow in Notion.

But Philipp! Isn’t the market not already totally saturated? Nobody needs another task management dashboard or habit tracker…

True, but as the user base of Notion is growing, the opportunities for Notion template creators are rising as well.

In the past, people used Notion primarily for managing their tasks, journaling, or tracking habits. Nowadays, people use Notion for such diverse things as Spaced-Repetitions, Twitter Management, Search Engine Optimization, or even Gardening Management.

The app can be used for almost any aspect of your private or professional life. As a result, your possibilities as a Notion Template creator are endless and the market is anything but saturated

Where to sell your Notion Templates?

You can sell templates like any other digital product on your own website via Woocommerce or Shopify. However, it’s much easier for beginners to use one of the many marketplaces for digital products and Notion templates that are springing up all over the internet.

6 best marketplaces for selling Notion Templates

1. Gumroad

Gumropad is the first choice of most Notion Template creators. Founded in 2011 by Sahil Lavingia it established itself as a marketplace for selling all kinds of digital products from online courses, e-books, sound beats, and Procreate brushes to Notion templates.

It is a great platform for new creators because it…

  • accepts the most important payment options (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Diner’s Club, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • offers an affiliate program, that is easy to set up
  • and helps you build your own e-mail list.

Still, there are some cons:

The marketplace of Gumroad will not send a lot of traffic to your listing. Without self-promotion, you will not generate many sales. Moreover, you will not be listed on the marketplace without at least a single sale and a customer review.

For customers, it is also not straightforward to leave a review on your product.

Tip: Use Gumroad’s e-mail automation /post/workflows and create an automatic review reminder for your customers.

Gumroad’s Fee:

The fee structure is determined by your lifetime earnings on the platform. new creators start with a 9% fee. After reaching $1.000 in sales the fee shrinks to 7%. Creators who have made more than $1,000,000 even pay just 2.9%.

Gumroad Website

2. Notion Utopia

NotionUtopia is a brand new marketplace that (as the name suggests) focuses on Notion-related digital products.

As a result, it will attract a lot of users in the future that are explicitly searching for Notion templates. To date, the website is already ranking for some promising Notion-related keywords on Google, but in order to really generate a lot of traffic, the rankings are not high enough.

(21.04.2022) Notion Utopia Keyword Rankings on Ahrefs

And while some creators already use NotionUtopia successfully, I haven’t generated any sales on the platform yet.

So, I would definitely recommend creating a listing on NotionUtopia, but don’t expect too much at the moment.

Notion Utopia’s fees:

Higher than on other platforms: You pay a 20% commission & $0.45 transaction fee after a sale.

NotionUtopia Website

3. Etsy

Etsy is often regarded as the marketplace for creative housewives. What many people don’t know is that you can also sell your digital products on Etsy. At the time of writing this, the search term “Notion Templates” alone is showing 1200 results on Etsy.

One huge advantage of Etsy is that you can boost the visibility of your products with ads. I’ve tried that for one month but unfortunately generated a negative return on investment. And despite my templates ranking showing high rankings on Etsy, they are only generating 2-3 sales per month.

So it seems that regardless of being a huge marketplace, Etsy doesn’t have the right audience for selling Notion templates.

Etsy’s fees:

Etsy is charging a small fee when you are creating a new listing. In addition, for every transaction, a fee of 6.5% is charged.

Etsy Website

4. Flurly

Flurly is a new app that makes it super-easy for creators to list their products online.

Moreover, Flurlys’ fees are incredibly low: The app is just keeping 1% of the transaction costs.

However, this fee doesn’t cover the Stripe payment fee which varies from 1.4% + €0.25 to 2.9% + €0.25.

To date, I haven’t generated any sales on Flurly. It might be useful as a payment provider because of the low fees, but it is not a platform that will drive traffic to your listings.

5. AppSumo

AppSumo positioned itself as a platform for Entrepreneurs who are searching for the newest tech tools.

So, if you want to sell your template on AppSumo, keep in mind that it needs to be relevant for Entrepreneurs in order to be listed there.

So far, I have never promoted anything on AppSumo, still, I already earned several hundred Dollars on the marketplace, making it the second most successful after Gumroad for me.

The only downside of App Sumos is the high fee:

You will earn 95% of revenue from new users, but only 70% of revenue generated from existing AppSumo users.

Still, App Sumo is doing a lot of promotion on its own, therefore listing products there is definitely worth it, if you want to expand your visibility.

AppSumo Website

6. Prototion

As a marketplace, Prototion is often overlooked by template creators. However, it is definitely worth listing your template there. Prototion’s commission fee is quite high at 20%. But this rate is justified by the sales the platform is generating, mostly due to its good SEO performance.

Prototion Website

Where to promote your Notion Template?

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a place “for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations”.

It is not a marketplace but can be used to promote your products on a marketplace like Gumroad. I would definitely recommend using Product Hunt for your launches, but keep in mind that it is pretty hard to get viral here without investing a lot of time in building an audience first.

However, once you get viral on Product Hunt expect to receive tons of sales. So, the efforts are definitely worth it.

Product Hunt Website

Affiliates for your Notion Templates


Notionery is a marketplace for some selected templates but mostly serves as an affiliate platform for individual creators.

If you submit your template successfully, it will be displayed on Notionery, but buyers will be redirected to Gumroad. Notionery is also charging a 10% affiliate fee in addition to existing Gumroad fees.

This may sound expensive, but Notionery ranks very well on Google for many Notion-related keywords. Therefore, if your submission is accepted, you can expect a huge increase in sales.



NotionEverything works pretty much like Notionery. The major difference is that they are taking a 20% affiliate fee.

Looks outrageous but might be worth it because right now Notioneverything is the top-ranked Notion-related marketplace on Google.

Another major downside – besides the high fee – is that it can take weeks for your templates to be accepted on NotionEverything.

Still, as a template creator, you should definitely try to be ranked here as well.



Gridfiti is a highly curated creator and setup blog that features some of the best Notion templates available, both free and paid. Their affiliate commission is slightly higher than the market average, but it’s well worth it given their good ranking for many Notion-related keywords. When you apply to have your template linked in Gridfiti’s blog posts, it will be added to an internal database and considered for future or existing relevant round-ups. 


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