Is this the best Notion Newsletter Template? Newsletter Wizard by Notion Punk

This is a review of the Newsletter Wizard by Notion Punk. The latest Notion newsletter Template on the market.

Notion is an incredibly powerful project management and productivity tool that enables individuals and teams to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. With its highly configurable blocks, compatibility with other applications, and user-friendly design, Notion is the ideal choice for anybody trying to become more productive, organized, and creative in their work.

Notion can be employed for a lot of different objectives, including creating newsletters. This review will be assessing the Newsletter Wizard developed by Notion Punk. This is my second review of a Notion-based newsletter and email marketing template; a few months ago, I was evaluating the Email Architect Template by Pascio.

The Newsletter Wizard promises to organize, manage and write your Newsletters 2x faster in Notion. According to Notion Punk, it is an all-in-one Newsletter writing system that lets you craft, manage, organize and grow your newsletter from one place — faster than ever before.

This template let you compose, manage, and organize your newsletter in Notion. It’s an all-in-one system for crafting, managing, organizing and developing your newsletters with speed. According to Notion Punk, it can help you write your newsletters twice as fast.

Let’s see if he is right!

First Impression of the Newsletter Wizard for Notion

My first impression was overwhelmingly positive. Mostly, because this template comes with tons of templates and guides, which as a product alone would justify the price.

So, let’s dive into the functionalities of the template. When you arrive at the landing page, you are greeted by four columns called:

  • Creation: Everything you need for inspiration or saving your own ideas.
  • Management: See the status of your newsletter drafts, schedule your campaigns, or delegate your work to team members.
  • Analytics: For analyzing your stats, earnings, and competition.
  • Growth: Resources and best practice exercises to help you grow with your newsletter.

Write a Newsletter in Notion

If you want to quickly write a Newsletter, all you have to do is to click on Write Newsletter. This opens your Newsletter interface, which is the core of the template where you can write your newsletter campaigns.

For creating a new newsletter mail, simply click on the template button “Create New Newsletter”. A block with a prepopulated structure appears that will guide you through the creation process.

If you are unsure about any of the elements in the structure, you can always have a look at the guide on the left side, where each term is explained.

For example, the entry for Subject Line says: “Subject lines are the most important part of your email. Max 50 characters, better 25-30 characters (for mobile).”

If you need inspiration during the writing, the right column will become your best friend. Here you find a list of power words that will make your newsletter spicier. For battling writer’s block, the column comes with 339 writing prompts, that you can easily pull into your newsletter.

Once, your newsletter is ready, you can pull it into the scheduling box. Here you can name, schedule, and assign it to either yourself or a team member.

Organize your newsletter in Notion

After writing the first draft of your newsletter, navigate to the “All Newsletter” dashboard, Here you see a kanban board with the current status of all your newsletter campaigns.

The Kanban Board allows you to quickly drag and drop your newsletter posts into different categories. If you move the post into the published category, a notification will appear automatically, asking you to enter the stats of your campaign.

This must be done manually, but thanks to the Notion API it should be able to easily automate this step by using or Zapier.

Analyzing your newsletter performance in Notion

After publishing the newsletter and inputting the performance stats, we can now move to the analytics dashboard to compare the performance with our previous newsletter campaigns.

In this dashboard, you see a gallery view of all newsletter posts, ranked by different categories like reach, clicks, revenue, or open rate.

Create your newsletter with a team

Chances are, after a while you will begin to outsource certain tasks like writing or editing to freelancers or other team members.

The delegation of tasks can be done in the Delegation dashboard. This dashboard allows you to add team members or ghostwriters, and assign newsletters to them.

That’s a good idea, but in my opinion, the team section could be improved. For example, I would create individual dashboards with filtered views for each team member. That way, they could see the newsletter post only when it enters the stage they are responsible for.

Right now, each team member would need to navigate to the All Newsletters general dashboard and look for the newsletter they are assigned to. In my opinion, this adds some unnecessary friction to the process.

For whom is this Notion newsletter template a good fit?

For everybody, who is serious about writing and growing a newsletter. It’s a great template for individuals, but can also be helpful for improving the newsletter campaigns of agencies and companies.

If you are just starting out with writing newsletters, the functionalities of this tool might be too much, but if you are already reaching several hundred subscribers and earning some small income with each campaign this tool will definitely help you to grow your newsletter even more.

How would I rate the Newsletter Wizard?

Usability 4.4/5

Not a tool for absolute Notion beginners, but fairly easy once you get the hang of it

Creativity 4/5

It’s a great tool, however, some of the functionalities I have already seen in the E-Mail Architect of Pascio.

Aesthetics 4.5/5

I love the red branding color of this tool. The template stands out from the crowd and is one of the most beautifully designed I’ve seen lately

Overall Rating for the Template 4.3/5

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