99 Inspiring Notion Template Ideas

In the last few years, Notion took over the productivity community by storm.

Users love the flexibility Notion grants them when creating their personal workspace. In a way Notion resembles Lego: You can download your premade sets and work according to a predefined structure, or you could take things into your own hand, and start building almost anything on your mind.

What can you do with Notion?

Well, we all know the typical  Notion use cases:

There is no shortage of Habit Trackers or Task Managers. But it would be unfair to assume that Notion is limited to just those areas. As said before: You can build anything that is on your mind in Notion.

So, don’t limit yourself to things everybody else is making in Notion and try to be creative instead.

In order to give you some inspiration, I have compiled a list of 99 creative Notion Template ideas for you.

Use the mentioned templates, customize them, or just build your own Notion system. It is up to you!

99 Inspiring Notion Template Ideas

  1. Use Notion to connect teams – Seen here
  2. Track customer feedback – Seen here
  3. Build a project roadmap – Seen here
  4. Track your habit streak and get rid of addictions – Go to my Notion template
  5. Keep track of your income and expenses – Seen here
  6. Manage your crypto investments – Seen here
  7. Trading journal for tracking stock, crypto and forex investments – Go to my Notion template
  8. Do deep work with a Pomodoro Tracker – Go to my Notion Template
  9. Prioritize tasks with an Eisenhower Matrix – Seen here
  10. Using the “Getting-Things-Done-Method” by David Allen – Seen here
  11. Building a “Second Brain” – Seen here
  12. Creating a digital Zettelkasten using the note-taking method of Niklas Luhmann  – Go to my Notion template
  13. Create and Share Metting Notes – Seen here
  14. Create a portfolio for your art/designs/photographs – See here
  15. Focus better with this ADHD Life Planner – See here
  16. Track your investments with this Angel Investment Tracker – See here
  17. Simplify your meal planning process with a Meal Planner – See here
  18. Keep track of code snippets with this Notion Tracker – See here
  19. Learn a new language with this template – See here
  20. Create a reading list of books or papers – See here
  21. Create your resume in Notion – See here
  22. Track your performance of the Wim Hoff Methode Exercise – See here
  23. Create a digital and shareable Syllabus – See here
  24. Plan your university lessons in Notion – See here
  25. Keep all your notes from your classes in one spot – See here
  26. Grade Calculator: Strategize your quarter or semester by knowing how much every assignment, exam, and project is worth for your final grade – See here
  27. Cornell Note System: Take notes with the Cornell system in Notion – See here
  28. Job Application Tracker: Keep track of the entire job application process on one page – See here
  29. Quickly calculate prices for your products and services with this pricing calculator – See here
  30. Find your purpose in life with this Ikigai Calculator: Coming Soon
  31. Content Creation Pipeline for curating, creating, managing, publishing, and repurposing content in Notion – See here
  32. Marathon Running Planning – See Here
  33. Stoic Quotes of the Day – Go to my Notion Template (free)
  34. Fighting Addictions (Weed, Nicotine, Alcohol, Porn) with Notion – See here
  35. Running Tracker: Keep track of all your runs, pace, monthly goals, and personal bests – See here
  36. Manage and plan your workouts – See here
  37. Outfit of the Day Planner – See here
  38. Organize everything Baby related – See here
  39. Subscription Tracker: Keep track of your subscriptions in one place – See here
  40. Video Game Tracker – See here
  41. Wedding Planner for planning and organizing your wedding – See here
  42. A Notion Tool to manage your Airbnb like a pro – See here
  43. Plant and Gardening Management for finally getting a green thumb – See here
  44. Use Notion as a SEO writing tool – Go to my Template
  45. Christmas Wishlist – See here
  46. Health Tracking for keeping track of your most important health parameter – See here
  47. A Notion Tool to build interactive and shareable Business Plans – See here
  48. Dream Journal – See here
  49. Spaced repetition tool – See here
  50. Annual self-review template – See here
  51. Reading list manager to help you track all of the articles, videos, podcasts, blog posts, Twitter threads and books – See here
  52. Define a vision or mission for your Business – See here
  53. People Directory for the staff or your company or clients – See here
  54. Internal Wiki for allowing new employees or freelancers to find all relevant information in one place – See here
  55. Easily list or edit jobs for your company with this Job Board Template – See here
  56. OKRs Management for setting smarter goals – See here
  57. Social Media Manager – See here
  58. Build beautiful landing pages with Notion (Landing Page Builder) – See here
  59. Track your mood with this Notion Mood Board – See here
  60. Product Launch Checklist – See here
  61. Prepare for disasters with this Notion Disaster Preparation Planner – See here
  62. Get better ideas with this Brainstorming Template – See here
  63. Learn how to code with this Notion Coding Tracker – See here
  64. E-Commerce Management – See here
  65. Journal like the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius with this Stoic Life Journal – See here
  66. Write on your blog like a Pro – See here
  67. Newsletter Operating System for writing better Newsletters – See here
  68. Make the fundraising process simpler with this Notion Fundraising Database – See here
  69. Get a better understanding of your business’ competitive landscape – See here
  70. ROI Calculator – See here
  71. Obtain a better overview of your clients with this Notion Client Portal – See here
  72. Keep track of who is who with this Notion Team Directory Template – See here
  73. Answer frequently asked questions inside of this Notion Product FAQ – See here
  74. Organizing Team Meetings – See here
  75. Creating a Content Calendar for your Blog or Social Media – See here
  76. Convert your Notion page into a Website with the Popsy Website Builder – See here
  77. Digital Product Ideas List – Go to my free template
  78. Daily Affirmations Journal – Go to my Template
  79. Visited Countries Checklist – Go to my Template
  80. Movie Library – Go to my Template
  81. Notion Invoice Generator – See here
  82. Twitter Management Dashboard – See here
  83. No-Code Tool List – See here
  84. Daily Journaling Prompt Generator – Coming Soon
  85. Organize and write your Thesis in Notion – See here
  86. Daily Reflection Board – See here
  87. E-Mail Builder – See here
  88. Use Notion to implement Benjamin Franklin’s productivity hacks – Go to my Template
  89. Moving Checklist – Coming Soon
  90. Tweet Saver – Coming Soon
  91. Fictional Book Writing Organizer – See here
  92. Ancestry Database – See here
  93. History Learning – Coming Soon
  94. Medication Tracker – Coming Soon
  95. About Me Site – Coming Soon
  96. Simplify your meal planning process with this Notion Cooking Recipe Database – See here
  97. Web Bookmark Manager – Coming Soon
  98. Budget Calculator – See here
  99. Perfecting your YouTube videos with this Notion Dashboard- See here

Are any cool Notion ideas missing from the list? Feel free to share your favorite Notion idea or template in the comments!