Finance Compass – Track Stock, Crypto & Forex Investment in Notion

Finance Compass

Manage your financial portfolio inside of your Notion Dashboard

For Stocks, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin & Co) and Metals (Gold, Silver)

The Finance Compass is a Notion template for managing your financial assets and for keeping track of your investments in an organized manner

What is inside?

What are the benefits of using the template?

This template will help you to:

  • ✅ maintain a better overview of your financial assets and wealt
  • ✅ rebalance your portfolio to the desired asset distribution
  • ✅ track your trading performance with a trading journal
  • ✅ see your historic trading performance within a customizable time frame (Year, Month, Week, Day)

For whom did I create this template?

  • ✅ For people invested in different asset classes

  • ✅ For people who are actively managing their investments

  • ✅ For day traders

Who shouldn’t buy this template?

  • ⛔ If you are not investing money (obviously)

  • ⛔ If you are not experienced with Notion

Trading Stats for different time periods (years, months)

Investment Portfolio Overview

Performance of your financial assets

Overview of your accounts and related assets

List of your Buying Positions

List of your Selling Positions


Common Questions and Answers

This version is for individual use only. If you use it within a company, you can use it with a Business Notion account.

Yes, I continually update the template. Once you purchase you will receive all future versions via e-mail.

Who am I and why did I create this Notion Template for you?

My name is Philipp. I am based in Vienna, Austria.

My career as a digital creator started in 2013 when I began to write a blog about Marathon running.

Within 4 years I built one of the biggest German-speaking Marathon blogs and launched an online running academy.

When I left the business I started a digital marketing agency, which is helping lawyers, medical doctors, and small businesses get more customers with online marketing.

However, in my heart, I am mostly a creator.

Therefore, I got back to creating online courses on Udemy and premium templates for Notion.