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No matter where you are in life’s journey – be it as a student drowning in assignments, or perhaps you’re the corporate warrior battling with projects, or just someone trying not to forget the milk on the way home – whatever it is, Notion got a To-Do List Template for you

Ranging from straightforward task lists to intricate project trackers, each template is crafted to provide unparalleled flexibility. Tailor them to your specific needs and discover what peak productivity feels like. Choose Notion.

Organize and manage your tasks in Notion so you can stop procrastinating and get more done

Task Architect is an unparalleled task system designed around the Eisenhower Matrix to help you prioritize your high value tasks so you can stop procrastinating and get to the bottom of your to do lists.


  • Basic $50 
  • Pro $75
  • Teams $125

With Remote OS you get:

  • Projects template: This could be shared with a client you’re working with to keep him up to date, or just internally for those moments when your team needs to focus on just one project. All information about that project at your fingertips.
  • Personal dashboard template: If you’ve got a new hire, with the click of a button you’ll be able to create his/her own personal dashboard. No need to change all the filters ever again.
  • Meeting notes template: This template will help you avoid wasting time in your meetings by having the right structure. It also has a place to store any action items that came up during the meeting so they’re never forgotten.
  • Companies template: The overview of everything going on with any client you’re working with.

And much more…

Price: $97

The ADHD Focus Planner is a Notion Template backed by science (CBT and DBT) designed to cut through the noise and fix your focus. With the Notion Template, you can organize your mind and life thank to six color-coded comprehensive sections, uniquely designed for how ADHD brains work. With 30+ intuitive pages and tools and a full video tutorial included, you will unlock a flexible system to achieve your biggest goals.

Price: $28-88

Minimalist Habit Tracker

Track your habits and connect them to your long-term visions with The Habit Compass – the most sophisticated habit-tracking template for Notion. his template is designed using the principles from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, helping you stay focused on your goals and reach success.

Price: $9

If you are tired of integrating multiple templates from various creators for a long time to make your notion workflow work in your favour. Obsidian notion template will be the end of your search. It has all the important management and tracking systems required for an individual on a day-to-day basis to save time, be more productive and most importantly maintain calm.

Price: $50-100

Manage your habits, tasks, projects, and daily reminders all in one place. 

This ultimate to-do list includes a dashboard to view only what’s relevant right now, and three databases (habits, tasks, and projects) to give you a big picture perspective.

Price: $14

A tool to help you work on your most important tasks at your most productive hours.

Price: Free

Tasks Hub uses a clever structure to link these different things. It draws on elements of GTD and Eisenhower Matrix principles to provide you with an integrated system for scheduling tasks, hitting goals, and forming new habits.

Price: £9

Become twice productive and get things done with Notion Ultimate Productivity System.

Notion Ultimate Productivity System will help you complete more tasks, projects, and goals while staying in complete control of your productivity.

It’s a complete productivity system for individuals and businesses, right inside Notion. Created to ease the pain from all the outgoing projects and tasks. Based on the GTD method, fueled with a powerful set of features for better task management.


  • Personal $59 
  • Teams $202 

Learn more about Notion To-Do-List Templates

A Notion to-do-list template is a pre-designed format within the Notion app, tailored for users to effectively list and manage their tasks and priorities.

Using a to-do list provides numerous benefits for both personal and professional productivity. Here’s why you should consider using one:

  1. Clears Your Mind: Writing tasks down ensures that you don’t have to remember everything. It frees up mental space and reduces the anxiety of forgetting something important.

  2. Prioritization: A to-do list allows you to identify and prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. By tackling high-priority tasks first, you ensure that they get done.

  3. Increases Productivity: A structured list can guide your day, week, or month, ensuring that you’re consistently moving forward and not merely reacting to what comes your way.

  4. Motivation and Satisfaction: Checking off completed tasks provides a sense of accomplishment. It motivates you to move to the next item and gives you a tangible record of what you’ve achieved.

  5. Enhances Focus: With a clear list of tasks in front of you, it’s easier to concentrate on one thing at a time, reducing the temptation to multitask, which can be counterproductive.

  6. Improves Time Management: When you have a list of tasks and their deadlines, you can better allocate time to each activity, ensuring that you don’t spend too long on one task at the expense of another.

  7. Reduces Procrastination: Having tasks written down can serve as a commitment device. The mere act of recording something you need to do can spur you into action.

  8. Holistic Overview: It gives you an overall picture of what needs to be done. This perspective can be beneficial for planning and ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

  9. Flexibility: If priorities change, which they often do, it’s simple to adjust a to-do list, moving items around or adding new ones as necessary.

  10. Categorization: Many to-do lists allow for tasks to be grouped or categorized, making it easier to tackle similar or related tasks together and streamlining your work process.

  11. Records and Accountability: A to-do list, especially a digital one, can serve as a record of what you’ve done in the past. This can be valuable for tracking progress or providing evidence of completed work.

  12. Facilitates Delegation: If you’re working in a team or managing others, a to-do list can help you delegate tasks more efficiently. It ensures everyone knows what they’re responsible for.

In essence, a to-do list is more than just a list of tasks—it’s a productivity tool that can help you organize your life, work more efficiently, and feel a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

While Notion offers both free and paid plans, many basic to-do-list templates are available in the free version. For advanced features or integrations, you might need a premium plan.

Absolutely! One of the strengths of Notion is its flexibility. You can modify templates to suit your individual needs, from changing colors to adding new properties or even integrating other templates.

You can use Notion’s relation and rollup functions to connect your to-do list to other databases or link it to your Notion calendar for better task scheduling.

  1. Yes, Notion allows you to share pages (including templates) with other users. You can collaborate in real-time, assign tasks, and even comment on individual items.


Certainly! Notion offers a variety of to-do-list templates, ranging from individual daily task trackers to comprehensive team project management boards.

You can add a date property to your tasks and then enable reminders. This will send notifications through Notion when a task is due.

  1. Yes, Notion has mobile apps for both iOS and Android, allowing you to access and update your to-do list on-the-go.