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Effectively managing your personal or business finances demands meticulous organization, meticulous tracking, and insightful analysis. Notion Finance Templates are tailored to streamline this process, offering a comprehensive solution to address all your financial requirements.

These templates serve as your dedicated finance hub, enabling you to maintain a crystal-clear view of your financial portfolio. If you’re interested in adeptly overseeing your personal finances, I’ve thoughtfully curated a collection of exceptional Notion finance portfolio trackers.

Whether you opt for free or premium versions, these Notion Finance templates simplify the task of monitoring your income and expenses, strategizing for the future, and even advancing towards your early retirement objectives.

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Imagine feeling in control of your finances, with all your financial information in one place, easily accessible and organized, giving you peace of mind and control over your financial future.

With Wealth Management 3.0, you can achieve this dream outcome. With instant access to the template, you can start using Wealth Management 3.0 immediately after purchase, giving you instant access to financial organization and control. And the best part? You don’t have to sacrifice your time and effort to achieve financial organization and control.

Price: $197


The Finance Compass is a Notion template for managing your financial assets and for keeping track of your investments.

Manage your portfolio & track the performance of your trades inside your Notion workspace,

It is the only Notion template that is allowing you to manage 4 different asset classes (stocks, cryptos, currencies, metals) + an unlimited number of accounts within of just one simple dashboard.

Price: $79

Notion Ultimate Finance Tracker Kit will help you make smarter financial decisions and stay in control of your finances.

As a human being, you’re likely already aware of how difficult it is to stay on top of all your finances.

Whether it’s tracking your spending habits, how much money you have left for this month, or how much money need to get saved – managing your finances can be a daunting task.

Price: Free to $49 to $122

Rich Finance Tracker is integrated with systems that help you track finance from anywhere in the world and then build your assets, and gain financial freedom.

And all this can be easily used as a clear view of your cash flow.

Price: $15

Have everything for your finances in one place with the Ultimate Personal Finance Dashboard for Notion! This all-in-one hub features 10+ pre-built templates and tools to make finances fun

Price: $25

It’s difficult and stressful trying to keep track of all your daily expenses. At the same time would be nice to have a clear view of your cash flow to find where to save and finally pay off your debts.

Track your money, pay your debts, invest and gain financial freedom.

This template helps you turn numbers into a visual representation of your finances. My goal was to create a simple and flexible template to fit everyone’s needs. I wanted it to track your money, finally pay your debts and reach your financial goals faster.

Price: $40 to $55

The idea of having a finance tracker is to get mindful about your finances but before this Notion template managing finances on Notion wasn’t that easy. You had to update relations, filters, etc on a monthly basis even weekly sometimes.

Price: Free to $9 to $19

Bring structure to your personal finance.

Start tracking your expenses, automating monthly reports and working towards financial goals.

Price: $10

🚀 Achieve Financial Freedom with Control Your Wealth Dashboard! 🚀

Ready to break free from the 9-5 grind and take control of your finances? Look no further!

Tom’s Dashboard helps you:

✅ Gain Time Freedom ✅ Enjoy Location Freedom ✅ Attain Financial Freedom

After reading this, you’ll:

📊 Master financial management 📈 Know your path to freedom 💡 Learn investment strategies

Plus, our tool simplifies the journey – done within an hour!

📑 Organize finances 💰 Monitor investments 🎯 Set and track goals

All just two clicks away, on any device. No jargon, no unreachable goals.

Start your path to financial freedom now!

Price: Free to $11.44 to $144

Tracking finances shouldn’t be a pain to do.

As a firm believer that less is always more, I have created this simple yet effective Notion template that will help you:

· Have a unified way to track your income

· Separate your business from your personal expenses

· Create categories so you can group

· Get automatic monthly and yearly reports to have the bird’s eye view necessary to understand your finances

Price: $10 – $29