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In the information age, having a system to store, categorize, and retrieve knowledge can be a game-changer. Notion Second Brain Templates are designed to serve as a digital extension of your mind, providing a structured and interactive space to store ideas, notes, resources, and more. These templates serve as your knowledge hub, enabling efficient information management and retrieval.

Streamline your life with the Supreme Second Brain, the all-in-one Notion workspace. It’s the perfect solution for knowledge workers, students, and productivity enthusiasts looking to manage projects, take notes, track habits, and enhance their learning journey.

Trusted by over 200 users, it stands out as the best-selling paid template on platforms like Notionery, Notion Everything, and Notionway. 

Bidding farewell to the hassle of multiple apps, the Supreme Second Brain empowers you to capture and organize everything within Notion.

It employs the PARA method developed by Tiago Forte, ensuring an organized and efficient categorization of your data. What’s more, the template is designed for swift and hassle-free capture of tasks and ideas, with a Quick notes feature ensuring your most urgent thoughts are always visible.

Dive into a comprehensive, clutter-free, and supremely efficient workspace experience today.

Price: Free to $75

In today’s rapid-paced world, genius isn’t about raw intellect—it’s about leveraging tools that amplify our thinking. Introducing Luhmann’s Zettelkasten for Notion 2.0. It doesn’t merely catalog information; it transforms how you interact with it:

Enjoy the perfect combination of Zettelkasten methode, Incremental Reading and Writing, Feynman Methode, and Spaced Repetitions to unlock your creative potential. Transform your Notion workspace into a powerful knowledge system today!

Price: $29

Discover a holistic Notion system with Easlo’s Second Brain template, designed to streamline your life by centralizing tasks, projects, notes, and more. Inspired by Tiago Forte’s PARA method, Easlo’s enhanced tool offers a complete suite for productivity and knowledge management.

Features encompass an all-in-one dashboard, goal setting, project management, a knowledge base, curated reading lists, and weekly reviews.

Plus, benefit from tutorials, lifetime updates, and an exclusive Circle community membership. Transform your organization and productivity journey with Easlo today.

Price: $14 to $28

This is the AI-enhanced version of the popular Second Brain template by Augmentor Academy, inspired by Tiago Forte’s methodology. Organized into four primary databases—Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archive (P.A.R.A system)—it’s optimized based on feedback from 30,000+ downloads.

Ideal for digital product developers, audience builders, and service providers, it also features 10+ bonus project templates. Dive into a streamlined digital organization experience today.

Price: Free to $69

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A “second brain” refers to an external system that individuals use to store, organize, and retrieve information, thoughts, ideas, and other personal or professional insights. By externalizing this knowledge, one can offload the cognitive burden of trying to remember everything and instead focus on creative thinking, decision-making, and other higher-order tasks. The concept has become particularly popular in the digital age, where various tools and platforms enable efficient knowledge management.

  1. Capture: Whenever you come across an interesting idea, thought, or piece of information, you capture it for later use.

  2. Organize: Information is then organized in a way that makes it easily retrievable. This can involve tagging, categorizing, or structuring the information.

  3. Review: Periodically reviewing and revisiting the stored information helps in keeping it updated and relevant.

  4. Retrieve: The aim is to easily access the stored information when needed, either to gain insights, make decisions, or solve problems.

  5. Iterate: Over time, the way you use and structure your second brain may change based on your evolving needs and understanding.

Anyone looking to organize their thoughts, tasks, notes, and resources can benefit—especially students, professionals, content creators, and lifelong learners.

P.A.R.A. stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. It’s a system within the Second Brain methodology for categorizing and organizing information. 

A basic familiarity with Notion is helpful, but most templates included in this list come with tutorials to assist newcomers.

When purchasing Notion templates, you mostly get lifetime access to updates. However, in most cases, you would need to duplicate the new version again and then import the data from the old version.