How to create recurring tasks in Notion? (11.2022 Update)

For a long time, recurring tasks were the Achilles heel of Notion.

Notion is an excellent tool, but without a native solution for creating recurring tasks, it forced its users to develop complicated workarounds.

That sucked when you were using Notion as a task manager.

Thomas Frank even created a bot with to create recurring tasks in Notion.

Sure, some advanced power users probably joined him, but for the majority of Notioneers, Frank’s approach was just overkill.

The best solution I discovered was suggested by August Bradley in his famous Youtube series

Instead of marking a task as complete, August simply moved the date to a new recurring date.

Boom! This method worked, and I used it for almost 2 years. But the truth is, doing recurring tasks in Notion like that wasn’t satisfactory.

I mean, most of Notion’s competitors like Coda or Todoists offered easy in-app solutions. No wonder the Notion community had been begging developers for this feature for a long time.

Screenshot Reddit: Come on Notion! We need recurring tasks in 2021

On the 8th of November 2022 Notion finally released an update that included recurring tasks with repeating database templates.

Thank you, Notion! 🙏

In this post, I’ll show you how to use this feature and give my honest feedback on its usability.

This is the first instance of actual automation existing in the Notion app itself. Thomas Frank

How to create recurring tasks in Notion (11.2022 Update)

First, use an existing database or create a new one. To create recurring tasks, click on the arrow inside the blue box.

To create recurring tasks, click on the arrow inside the blue box.

Click on +New Template.

Click on +New Template.

A template page appears. Name it and make sure that all of the property settings are set up correctly.

Settin gup a recurring task template in Notion

Now, you can make your tasks recurring by using the Repeat menu.

make your tasks recurring by using the Repeat menu

You can choose between daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly repeat. For most use cases the weekly option works best. Here you can also specify on which day of the week a task should be repeated. This is for example a great option for tasks that need to be done on working days but not during the weekend.

Specify the time interval for your recurring tasks in Notion

Conclusion – How well are the recurring tasks in Notion working?

This new functionality is a new milestone for Notion and will make the app much more attractive as a project management tool for companies.

Of course, there exist some bugs. For example, I wasn’t able to create a working relation property in the recurring task template. Still, this is a minor shortcoming that should be repaired soon.