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SEO Bundle

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A Bundle of 3 SEO Notion Templates

A bundle of SEO templates designed to help you improve your rankings on Google.

The SEO Bundle will help you to optimize your content inside of Notion, learn about SEO and use chatGPT and AI to kickstart your SEO campaigns.

SEO Compass

First, there's the SEO Compass ($29) a Notion template targeting writers, online businesses, and digital agencies. In short, for everybody who is using Notion for content creation but struggles to search-engine-optimize it inside the app.

99 SEO Hacks

Next, there's 99 SEO Hacks ($9) the ultimate guide for online writers, product creators and solopreneurs (You will get a PDF and a Notion Template). With this checklist, I want to make SEO easier for people like YOU! Writers, product creators, creatives, solopreneurs, and small businesses. For the ones who are not experts yet and can't afford to get help from a professional SEO agency!

99 SEO Prompts

Finally, there's 99 SEO Prompts for ChatGPT. A collection of tested ChatGPT prompts for maximizing the success of your SEO campaign. You can use them to optimize your personal website or for working with an SEO client.

Learn about…

...the benefits of SEO?

  • SEO gives 24/7 Promotion 

  • SEO is a Long Term Strategy

  • SEO Increases Brand Visibility

  • SEO Gains More Clicks than PPC

  • SEO Doesn’t Require Running Ad Costs

  • SEO Builds Brand Credibility and Trust

  • SEO Helps you Generate Quality Leads

  • SEO is the Largest Source of Site Traffic

Watch my tour through the SEO compass:

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Choose your Package

99 SEO Prompts

  • PDF + Notion Template
  • 99 SEO Prompts for chatGPT

SEO Compass

$ 29
  • Notion Template
  • SEO Content Audit Tool
  • Readability Check Tool

SEO Bundle

$ 34
  • SEO Compass
  • 99 SEO Hacks E-Book
  • 99 SEO Prompts for chatGPT


This version is for individual use only. If you use it within a company, you can use it with a Business Notion account.

Yes, I continually update the template. Once you purchase you will receive all future versions via e-mail.