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Whether you’re a movie buff with an ever-expanding watchlist, a student keeping tabs on required film viewings, or a cinephile sharing recommendations, there’s a Notion Movie Tracker Template tailored to your needs. These templates range from basic watchlists to comprehensive film databases, complete with reviews, ratings, and progress tracking, all customizable to suit your movie-watching preferences.

This template streamlines the organization of your cherished film collection. With its comprehensive categorization system and a delightful, minimalist interface, you can effortlessly review all your data in one glance and promptly select the perfect movie for your mood.

Price: $4

Are you a movie aficionado searching for the perfect solution to organize your film collection and delve deeper into the world of cinema? Look no further! The Movie Library template, available exclusively on Notion, is just what you need.

This Notion Movie Template includes the following features:

– Find Top movies

– Watch Next List

– Movie Calendar ( Schedule Movie Nights with a Movie Calendar)

–  Rate Movies you Have Watched

– Select Movies by Actor or Director

– Schedule Movie Nights with a Movie Calendar

– Save the Best Movies you Have Watched

Price: Free

A superior approach to streamline your watchlist.

With this top-tier Notion template, spanning Streams, Shows, and Films, you can: • Effortlessly manage upcoming releases. • Rate and arrange your absolute favorites. • Quickly access information for recommending to friends or deciding on a rewatchable masterpiece. 🐐

Price: CAD $7.5