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Cooking is a creative art, and like any artistic endeavor, it thrives with a touch of organization. Notion Recipe Templates offer a delightful solution for structuring your cherished recipes, strategizing meals, and generating shopping lists. Think of these templates as your digital cookbook, simplifying the process of accessing, sharing, and savoring your culinary journeys.

Stay on top of your work from home life with our foundational suite of templates, built and customized for the Notion user who seeks to create a central hub to manage both work, life, and personal goals. This template also includes a Recipe & Ingredient Management Dashboard.

Price: $20

A Notion recipe manager template that feels just like using an app. It proves exceptionally handy for sorting your beloved recipes and those you’re eager to experiment with.

Packed with features, it boasts an embedded timer widget, a unit converter, and even a gallery of food stickers. However, what truly stands out is its remarkable capability to swiftly adjust ingredient quantities to match your desired serving size.

Price: Free

Experience the convenience of our Notion Cookbook Template, designed to provide a centralized hub for accessing and storing all your cherished recipes. Bid farewell to the days of sifting through paper stacks or navigating endless digital folders. Now, your favorite dishes are at your fingertips, thoughtfully organized and readily accessible.

Price: $10

Utilize this template to effortlessly archive and categorize your entire repertoire of recipes, spanning from breakfast delights to delectable desserts, all within a singular and convenient repository. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the task of locating the ideal recipe for any occasion, while the customizable tags and filters grant you the ability to search and organize your recipes with seamless ease.

Price: $2.99

Notion template for people who need fancy, clean recipe collections. Create your own recipe without almost no effort!

Price: $5